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Sun Enters Gemini

The Sun enters Gemini on Tuesday, June 14, 2016, and will continue there through July 16th, the Vedic Summer Solstice.  

Gemini is a sign ruled by Mercury, and it is called Mithuna in Sanskrit. It is a sign that encompasses a great range of energies. It is symbolized either by twins or by an embracing couple.

Gemini is the natural 3rd house of the zodiac, which is about courage and risk-taking, your siblings and peers, short journeys and errands. It shows your capacity to get along with others and physical strength. You may want to look at how you deal with risk. Are you bold or timid? Do you take measured risks or do you risk too much without a safety net or back-up plan?

Dr. Pillai talks about this in his book, Life Changing Sounds: Tools from the Other Side. He said that overspending to buy a luxury car when you can’t really afford the payments is not a good risk.  However, “A good risk is a ‘calculated risk’ which optimizes the opportunity for success”.

As mentioned before, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who is a planet of communication, information technology, intellect, business, and money. Mercury is no longer retrograde; he is moving forward in Taurus now, so there should be fewer interruptions to communications and technology. Mercury will enter Gemini on June 26th, transiting here through July 11th. He will be very strong in his own sign, so this will be a good chance to develop your mercurial skills. Learning something new in technology, business know-how, astrology, public speaking, writing.

Venus is going to be entering Gemini later today. So Sun and Venus will be together in Gemini until Mercury joins them on the 26th. Venus is a planet of love, the arts and wealth. Venus should feel at home in Mercury’s sign and able to do his work well.

From June 17 – July 12, Mars will be back in Libra, so he won’t be aspecting Gemini during that time. This means Saturn will be alone in Scorpio from June 17 – July 10th. In an unfriendly environment, and now that Mars, the owner of Scorpio, won’t be there to take care of things, Saturn’s influence could start to feel harsher. Although Saturn is still retrograde, so he is looking back to Libra, where he was exalted, so that should mitigate it a bit.

Saturn will definitely make you to look at the area of life that he’s influencing in your chart and take care of business. He is moving through Scorpio, a sign of transformation. It’s time to transform what’s no longer working for us and the world. For your personal chart, find out which house (#1-12) Scorpio is for you. You may have this information from a Vedic Astrology reading, or you can run Astroved’s FREE Birth Chart Report. Depending on what # house Scorpio is for you, Saturn is influencing your:

  1. Personality, physical body
  2. Finances, Income, eating
  3. Risk-taking, courage
  4. Mind, material comforts, mother
  5. Children, manifestations, God
  6. Overcoming disease, enemies, litigation; selfless service
  7. Relationships
  8. Overcoming obstacles, accidents
  9. Grace, compassion, father
  10. Profession
  11. Profit, community, friends
  12. Enlightenment, stopping loss consciousness, foreign travel, sleep, isolated places, selfless service.

Remember you can always make better friends with Saturn by helping those who are needy, such as feeding people/making a donation/helping people on Saturdays. And burning a lamp with sesame seed oil on Saturdays.

Jupiter and Rahu are moving towards each other in Leo until July. When two planets are very close together it can cause conflict or “planetary war”. To mitigate this, Om Gurave Namaha & Om Rahave Namaha are their mantras. Learn more on Astroved.


Favorable Activities:

  • Cultivate the quality of courage. How will this look in your life at this moment in time? Remove inaction and fear. Take some calculated risks.
  • Focus on improved communications skills, diplomacy, and getting support from other people. This could be a good time to increase your Mercury-related skills like business acumen, public speaking, writing, learning something new in technology, or learning more about astrology. Being humorous and/or enjoying humor & comedy is something that Mercury supports. And laughing lets more light get in you. That’s “making light” of a situation. Dr. Pillai, you may have noticed, is a master of telling a funny story.
  • You may want to express yourself through hobbies or activities such as music, art, dance, acting, socializing, etc.
  • Avoid conflicts with people. If you are angry, wait to cool down before sending an email, text, or talking with the person.

July 16-19, 2016 is Guru Purnima or the Full Moon of the Guru, and Dr. Pillai will be leading a 4-day brain-training boot camp in San Diego, CA. Learn more.



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