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The royal planet Sun started his transit through Libra on October 17th. The Sun represents our soul, independence, purity of belief, and the highest intelligence. Sun is debilitated and at his least power in Libra, the sign of harmony and balance. Libra, also called Tula in Sanskrit, and it’s symbolized by scales. It is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and luxury. Libra has to do with compromise, wanting to please everyone, weighing the options, and keeping the status quo.

When a planet is debilitated, it is said to fall down to earth. So the advantage is that you can more easily connect to and enhance your relationship with that planet. You can cultivate the royal Sun energy in your own life by chanting the Gayathri Mantra, especially on Sundays and Sun horas. Enjoy listening to Dr. Pillai chant the Gayathri Mantra here. The Sun will be transiting through its deepest point of debilitation (10 degrees Libra) on October 28th, so that would also be a good day to honor the Sun.

Interestingly enough, Venus is also currently transiting Libra and will continue for almost the whole month Sun will be there. Libra is Venus’ own sign, so Venus’ powers of love, devotion, beauty, and the arts will be very strong. Venus will bring in a lot of Goddess energy.

Saturn is exalted and is now very strong in Libra, though he is in the process of packing his bags and moving out of Libra and into Scorpio. November 2nd is his official moving day.

This is a good time to…

Enjoy the beauty of life through the arts and prosperity.

Resolve conflicts to bring peace and balance.

Cooperate with others and conduct business transactions.

Remember to tune into your own inner wisdom and not get too influenced by what other people are saying. Be careful not to get pressured into settling for something you really don’t want.

Continue to cultivate the Goddess energy that you experienced during Navaratri, as it will enhance every area of your life.

Prepare for Saturn’s big transit into Scorpio on November 2nd. When Saturn moves, it is a big deal for all of us. Saturn delivers good or bad experiences to us based on the karmas we have earned in past lifetimes or this lifetime. In other words, if we have done misdeeds, we would get tough lessons, and if we have done good for others, we will get good results. Saturn is a tough-love planet who sometimes gives us painful experiences so that we can learn to draw closer to God and become more compassionate and humble. Saturn can lead us to have a disciplined life and be responsible and humble. If Saturn is pleased with us and blesses us, he can give wonderful blessings and true happiness.

Saturn affects our time and our destiny. One example of this is that in North America, Saturn’s move coincides with the time change where we turn our clocks back one hour. Saturn’s guru is Kala Bhairava, the God of Time. Definitely when we learn to learn to honor time, use it effectively, and stop wasting it, we will also earn blessings from Lord Saturn. A great way to do this is to apply yourself to learning Dr. Pillai’sTimeline Jumping course. When our time changes, our destiny changes.

Saturn has been exalted for the last 3 years, so his move into Scorpio may feel like a harsher energy is compelling us and the world as a whole to transform that which is no longer working for us. The plus side is that Saturn will receive aspects from exalted Jupiter from Nov 2nd until July 2015. This is a very positive situation called a Kubera Yoga, and it can help us to get tangible assets that will bring us income for generations to come.

You can check out AstroVed’s free Saturn Transit Predictions based on your Moon Right Here. This will give you an idea of what to expect. If you want a more detailed report including suggested remedies, you can order that from AstroVed.com too.

Take the opportunity to honor Saturn on his transit day in order to start off on the right foot. It’s very effective to catch the wave of energy as it first comes in. You can do Saturn remedies at home like chanting OM SANECHARAYA NAMAHA and lighting Saturn incense from AstroVed. You may also choose to join some of Astroved’s transit rituals. Joining the Sundays with Sucharita call on November 2nd is also be a great way to celebrate the new energy coming in.


Skanda Shasti, or the 6 Days of the descent of Muruga’s energy, will be occurring from Friday, October 24th – Wednesday, October 29th in North America. This will be right after Diwali, the festival of lights, and a partial solar eclipse on October 23rd.

It is significant that Lord Muruga’s 6 days occur right before Saturn’s move into Scorpio. Muruga is the overlord of Mars, who owns Scorpio. This means Muruga can help make us spiritual warriors and prepare us for Saturn’s transit. The Pleiadian god Muruga can advance us to a higher level of consciousness, which will help make the upcoming transformations smoother. Tap into Muruga’s energy by chanting his mantra, Om Sa Ra Va Na Ba Va, and by pouring milk, juice, and/or water over a vel. You can also join Dr. Pillai’s 6 Muruga webcasts here.

One final note – pay attention to communication and technology. Mercury is currently retrograde, or extra powerful, and he is in exaltation in Virgo. Rahu is sitting in Virgo too, amplifying the energies available for healing and new technologies. This could be a good opportunity to make improvements in the areas of your communication, business, or technology. Or even in learning Vedic Astrology – as this is a type of divine technology. Mercury will go direct on October 25th, and he’ll stay in Virgo until November 4th.

Love and Light, Radha

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