Sun in Leo: 3 Reasons the Sun Can Now Bring You Major Success and Wealth




In recent years, U.S. statistics have consistently shown that between 70-75 percent of adults believe in God. It then goes without saying that believing in a higher Source or Power also implies the existence of a human soul.

In Vedic astrology, the human soul is represented by the Sun, the luminary also believed to be the king among the nine primary planets in our solar system.

Here’s the good news: as it enters its own sign of Leo on August 16 (August 17 IST), the Sun will acquire its maximum strength and radiance, and this makes for a month-long power time for you—and you’ll soon know why.

According to Parashara, a Rishi or sage said to have lived over 2,000 years ago in the era of the epic Mahabharata (written by his son Vyasa), the Sun is “blood-red” and a royal planet. The Sun is also a fully conscious, living being. He has “honey-colored eyes” and pure habits and incredible intelligence.

The Sun (like the other planets) is an embodiment of Lord Vishnu—the celestial being responsible for preserving the universe and ruler of the ‘three worlds’.

Understandably—you may now wonder how can this be related to your finances or career.

So to learn why the fiery Sun is now placed in an area of the sky connected with fame, recognition and wealth—here for you three important facts that can change your disappointing bank account into more attractive figures. You may also uncover both a great source of vitality and your higher consciousness.

The Light of Consciousness

In Vedic literature, the Sun is both life energy and a living being. This luminary was believed to have incarnated in the Treta Yuga as Rama, an ideal man with divine traits—he was, in fact, an incarnation of Vishnu himself.

So traditionally, the Sun is connected with the highest consciousness, shining light on living beings and inert matter alike. He purifies and brings evolution to those touched by his energy.

We know that literally the Sun gives us life and well-being—there is much scientific literature to show that his light removes depression, for example.

We also have scientific evidence that the sunlight improves brain activity, eliminates sleep disorders and boosts our immune system.

On a subtle level, the Sun is believed to contribute to spiritual enlightenment—a state of omniscience that can potentially fix every problem in your life.

This state is said to culminate in the realization of one’s divine origins, and the end of the cycle of reincarnation through the transformation of the physical body into light.

Try this:

  • Recite OM SURYAYA NAMAHA 108 times in honor of the Sun being.
  • Recite OM NAMA SHIVAYA 108 times in honor of Shiva, one of the overlords of the Sun.
  • Ask for miracles of higher consciousness, alertness, purification from false identifications (or negative ego). Thank the Sun and Shiva with sincerity.



Vishnupati’s Wealth-Producing Vibes

As it transits into one of the so-called fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), the Sun is said to bring a time window for financial boons.

So from August 16 and the following 48 hours—your prayers and ceremonies for receiving money miracles will be greatly magnified.

Try this:

  • After taking a bath, offer burning incense, a lamp (or candle), water, flowers, fruits and or sweets to a statue or image of Vishnu.
  • Invoke Vishnu by reciting the traditional sounds—OM NAMO NARAYANAYA—108 times.
  • Ask with great emotion and trust you’ll be blessed with a windfall.
  • Thank Lord Vishnu.

The Ultimate Energy

Havan, yajna, homa, oblation, fire ritual or Fire Lab are different names for the same ceremony. A Vedic specialist puts in the fire offerings in honor of a celestial being—flowers, herbs, aromatic woods, ghee, gifts of new clothes (for example, a beautiful silk sari for the Goddess) and fruits, while chanting powerful mantras.

The energy that’s generated by these burned offerings and the infrared from the fire are considered vehicles to reach powerful and benevolent archetypes.

These celestial beings are believed to help you manifest what you want—as long as it’s ethical.

According to Vedic astrology, sponsoring fire rituals to both Vishnu and the Sun can remove bad money karma. The ancient Rishis also said that fame, success and stronger vitality are the results of these fire ceremonies.


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.

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