Sun in Vedic Pisces: Your Dreams Can Be Reality




One of the greatest advertising tycoons of all times, Leo Burnett, was known for motivating his team with an unusual exhortation: “When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but at least you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”

In Vedic astrology, the Sun will transit in Pisces—from March 14 EST (March 15 IST) until April 13 (April 14 IST).

During this time, you might find yourself reaching for the stars, even if you’re already overwhelmed with trivia and busy work.

The Sun, in fact, rules your career, vitality and success. Pisces—a mystical, idealistic sign owned by friendly Jupiter—can transfer its dream-like, otherworldly qualities to the Sun.

The resulting mixed characteristics can help you achieve both spiritual and material goals.

So to reach for the stars, keep your feet firmly on the ground, and plant the seeds of your success, here’s for you an easy plan to both get your work done and connect with your metaphysical self. Because there’s more to life than just our flesh-and-blood reality.

It’s all in the consciousness

At first glance, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Pisces, a sign of peaceful meditation and spiritual retreat, show that to implement your lofty goals and deep desires you first have to get real.

In truth, even scientifically minded Einstein confessed that his theories and discoveries were revealed to him via his intuition—and not through hard mathematical calculations.

You probably guessed it: in Einstein’s birth chart there are Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Pisces.

So even to reach for your most ambitious, material goals you can meditate, expand your consciousness and trust your intuition.

Then the merging of religion with science, and logic with intuition will help you achieve the 200-percent life that is at the core of the teachings of Dr. Pillai.

Vibrate at the speed of wealth

In the cosmos, all is vibration—this is the tenet of string theory, which closely resembles the teachings of the ancient seers and yogis of India.

Mantras—or the traditional Vedic sounds that change the brain through their frequencies—can help you think powerful thoughts for success and wealth. Your brain will literally vibrate differently.

Try this

  • Recite the Sun’s mantra OM SURYAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Sundays. These sounds will help you connect with the Sun’s higher consciousness and tap in your soul’s hidden gifts.
  • Go outside and pour water three times and recite the above mantra three times. Ask the Sun for a miracle.
  • Be specific in your request.
  • Thank the Sun.

The highest technology

Dr. Pillai belongs to the tradition of the Siddhas, an ancient lineage of scientific yogis, who considered transforming the physical body into light the ultimate goal.

Even Einstein believed that turning our flesh and blood into a light body was possible.

Granted that this goal is not for the faint of heart—Dr. Pillai says it can be done through an expansion of consciousness and meditative techniques.

For everyday problems, the Siddhas recommended a different kind of light—a fire technology for contacting benevolent archetypes and receiving miracles of wealth, health, and success in all matters.

This technology is the fire ritual—or Fire Lab. Moreover, the mantras and offerings in the fire are said to strengthen your relationship with the celestial archetypes who can help you solve all problems.

In Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered the soul.

Sponsoring a fire ritual to the Sun is a traditional solution for career achievements, wealth growth, perfect vitality and spiritual evolution.

Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer at


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