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Dr Pillai shares: “Feeding a Meal to a Poor, Hungry Person is the Highest Act of Compassion”

This week is all about giving. Thanksgiving is celebrated all around the world and we can all reflect on everything that we are grateful for and also share our good fortune with others. Cultivating the Attitude of Gratitude and praying for others well-being will definitely have a positive impact on everyone!

You’re welcome to listen to the guided Meditation Download where you’ll be introduced to a special prayer to uplift your fellow human beings around the world. Daily, you’re welcome to tune in at 7 am PST, 10 am EST, 3 pm GMT, 8:30 pm IST to pray for the upliftment of everyone around the world. You can set your alarm on a beeping watch, smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc to remind you to take a moment and contemplate gracelight pouring into the earthplane and eradicating suffering on all levels.

If you feel compelled to give the special gifts that keep on giving, you are welcome to participate in Tripura Foundation’s Million Meals of Hope here: http://www.millionmealsofhope.org/

You can listen to the Complete Call Download where long time sponsor of Tipura Foundation, Raji Maggie Conley shares about her profound gratitude for being able to fulfill her childhood longing to help those in need. She shares that it brings her so much joy and abundance in her life for which she is truly grateful.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Week and we’ll see you on our call next Sunday!

Love & Light, Sucharita

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