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The Master’s grace is the unseen force behind our every success and miraculous happening, and is the energy that propels us down the path of ultimate evolution. When we pray to the divine for help, he comes to us in the form of a Master. The Master is the very embodiment of the bestowing power of the Divine, and all blessings flow through him. Accessing the grace of the Master is the secret that can give you everything you want and that which you cannot even comprehend. For these reasons, it is considered by many traditions to be the highest practice a student can engage in.

Dr. Pillai echoes what many Masters have said is the most profound way:

“Help others in need.”

This is the most important modality through which you can access the grace of Dr. Pillai.

That’s why we have partnered with his non-profit Tripura Foundation, Dr. Pillai’s vehicle for ending human suffering. Together, we have created a way in which you can support his mission of helping others in dire need while accessing his grace in abundance.



Dr. Pillai’s Wish

Keeping with a previous wish of Dr. Pillai’s that everyone donate $1 a day, we are offering two opportunities to help others and yourself, and to honor Dr. Pillai:

  1. Initiate a monthly recurring $30 donation ($1 a day), or make a one-time donation of $365 ($1 a day) to your favorite Tripura program.
  1. Make a one-time donation of at least $10 to your favorite Tripura program.



The “Moola Mantra”

While helping others in need is the most powerful way to access Dr. Pillai’s (or any Master’s) grace, chanting their unique mantra can help facilitate the process as well.

Dr. Pillai’s “Moola Mantra” (fundamental mantra), is the phonetic equivalent of his consciousness, intelligence, and power. When you recite this mantra, it opens a direct link to Dr. Pillai and allows his grace to flow to you. In addition, you are activating the unique benefits given by each sound of the mantra.

It is composed of the following sounds:

Om Aim Hreem Sarva Lokaya Adityaya Siva Satguru Babaya Swaha

Listen to Dr. Pillai chant the Moola Mantra

OM – the primordial sound. All life came from OM. You get omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence.

AIM – the sound for instant intuition, consciousness, wisdom, and super-intelligence.

HREEM – the sound that created the first and most primary Gods: Sadasiva, Maheswara, Rudra (three forms of the supreme God Siva), Vishnu (the protector/preserver), and Brahma (the creator). You get unlimited power to create, as well as supreme confidence.

SARVA LOKAYA ADITYAYA – “Sarva” means “all,” “Lokaya” means “galaxies,” and “Aditya” means the “Sun.” He is the Sun (consciousness) of all the galaxies. You get all powers of the sun, primordial light, and unity consciousness.

SIVA SATGURU – the most powerful Guru, who knows all the secrets of life. He is the ultimate teacher. You get abundant grace, protection, and revelations.

BABAYA SWAHA – “Baba” means “the father who removes papa” (sins/karma). “Swaha” is an invoking mantra. Together they mean “Baba, I invoke you.” You get purification on all levels, healing, and protection.


Avatar Aarthi

In addition to chanting this mantra as often as possible, the most impactful way you can use it is to perform what is called “Avatar Aarthi.”

This is a simple spiritual technology that magnifies the mantra and gives you access to enormous amounts of grace from Dr. Pillai.

The practice is as follows:

birthday proxy blog post 1Hold a candle in front of a picture of Dr. Pillai with your right hand at the 6 o’clock position. Begin chanting the Moola Mantra, slowly rotating the candle clockwise as you are facing the image. Imagine Dr. Pillai’s extremely luminescent form descending into your own.

You can offer as many chants per rotation as you like, and as many rotations as you like. There are no hard and fast rules; however, three is considered a minimum number of rotations.

After you offer the candle at least three times, you should end back at the 6 o’clock position. Put the candle down in front of the picture, and take a few seconds to remain quiet and meditate on Dr. Pillai’s light body inside your own. Feel the light transforming your body, mind, and soul. Feel bliss, feel unconditional love, feel infinite compassion. This can be done for a few seconds, or however long you would like.

Once you are finished meditating, respectfully and from your heart ask Dr. Pillai to help you with whatever you need/want. Feel joy and know he will respond.

Finally, end the practice by expressing your gratitude for his help and for giving you this practice.

The entire practice can take less than a minute, or longer if you choose, and should be performed daily to get results. Suggested times include at least once in the morning and once in the evening.


Instant Access to Dr. Pillai’s Grace

One powerful practice you can experiment with is chanting the Moola Mantra 108 times twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, and then performing Avatar Aarthi at the completion of each session and as many times as you are able in between. This, combined with your commitment to help others in need, is a sure way to access Dr. Pillai’s grace and bring abundant miracles into your life.


Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s BIRTHDAY BLESSING here. Click the button below for details.


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