Did you know that destroying old, negative karma is actually more important than focusing on manifesting your desires? Scroll down to learn more.


What Is Karma?

“Karma simply means the thought process. Why do you have poverty? Because poverty thought – which is accompanying the soul not only from this lifetime, but from several lifetimes – has solidified itself. You cannot think any other thoughts except the poverty thoughts. Only the poverty thoughts will be real to you. Karma removal is removing the deep-seated poverty thoughts.” — Dr. Pillai

Karma Removal Is More Important Than Manifesting 

You can set a goal and visualize and chant as much as you want…


If you have karmic blocks standing in the way, you will not achieve your goal.

You must first remove those blocks. Then it will be much easier to manifest wealth, your dream home, a blissful relationship, supportive friends, a job you love, or anything else you desire.

The way to break these cyclical patterns and identities is to use special sounds, meditations, ceremonies, and other tools to disrupt the sabotaging thought patterns and create new ones. You also must expand your consciousness beyond belief and identity.

Whether you seek deep-rooted changes in your love life, finances, social life, marriage, spirituality, business, or career, you will likely find something in our Month of Savings Karma Removal Collection that fits your needs.

Month of Savings Karma Collection

Pillai Center has declared November the Month of Savings to express gratitude for your continued support going into the holiday season.

This is your chance to try services, courses, and guided meditations you may have overlooked in the past due to their cost.

We are removing that barrier all month long. The Month of Savings is also your chance to give a friend or loved one a gift that lasts for eternity. Once karma dissolves, it is gone forever, freeing you or a loved one from stubborn and recurring problems. This is the too-often-overlooked step one must take before manifestation becomes possible.

Browse the Karma Removal Collection and choose from:

  • Karma removal mantra writing by a proxy specialist
  • Coconut smashings for dissolving stubborn karma
  • Guided meditations
  • Dr. Pillai’s courses and initiations
  • Prayer offerings by Vedic priests
  • More

Browse The Full Collection Here

Browse All Month Of Savings Collections Here


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