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Dr. Pillai explains how ultimate enlightenment is not a matter of the mind, but about changing matter itself.

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What is real wealth? Real wealth is not just money and having a lot of toys in your life.

Real wealth is how close you are to God.

What that means is how much you have progressed in your consciousness.

We are not just the flesh and blood reality. We are light, and that’s the truth. We know through Einstein’s infamous equation that everything is just energy, which becomes matter. To quote Einstein’s own words: “Matter is light stopped.”

We have stopped the light within us through this material form, and unfortunately what we see and experience is only this material body, this material mind. Nothing is visible other than that. So, we spend our entire lifetimes only experiencing this illusion of the body, an illusion of matter, because the illusion is the only reality we know. We do not know the reality that is light, and we have lived our lives like this for millennia.

Our True Self is light, and this has been the teaching of the Yogis, Siddhas, Tibetan monks, Theosophical masters, and the Egyptian Tradition. They all have taught—and demonstrated also—that we are just the Light Body, that this material form is not our True Self. However, how many of us have been able to truly experience the Light Body? Very few people have been exposed to this true form.

The Light Body is not an off-the-wall concept, although many think it is a “New Age” idea. It’s not. It is literally true in every sense. The truth is that we are light.

What about Christianity? Christianity teaches the same concept. Paul said, “The kingdom will not be inherited by the flesh and blood.” The corruption will not inherit the kingdom. What’s going to happen? “In the wink of an eye, the body will turn into light.”

That is the ultimate purpose of humanity. The only true goal worth living for is to acquire our True Nature, and not settle for this life of pain and occasional pleasures, to not become a victim of old age and then die. We don’t have to sit quietly and wait for elderliness to come and strike us down.

Transformation, Not Speculation

People have asked, “Will the body really turn to light, or does only one’s perception change?”

The body really will turn into light. It is not simply perception. This physical body itself will change. It is a matter of transforming this flesh and blood.

Enlightenment is not just psychological enlightenment. Enlightenment is not just for the mind. Enlightenment is for the body, too.

The body needs to be changed, because that is the only thing we know. That identity has to change, but not just perceptually. Not through the philosophical understanding of what it is, because philosophy is not true; it is speculation. Swami Ramalingam and the Tamil Siddhas, the tradition to which I belong, never believed in philosophical speculation or perceptual transformation.

This will not resonate with most people, but will certainly resonate with those who are already evolved, who have already had some introduction to this Light Body in another lifetime. Lifetime after lifetime, they have come back to this, but could not continue because the senses are so active. They lose the opportunity, die, and come back again and again in order to achieve this goal.

The good news is this is the time during which everyone has the potential. Not everyone in general, but everyone who is on this path, who resonates with this idea, and who wants to live from this will have the opportunity to transform the body into light.

– Dr. Pillai

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