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According to the Vedic and sidereal calendar based on the fixed stars, the planet of love Venus has just landed in eccentric Aquarius. Here Venus will join the invisible yet powerful south lunar node, Ketu, and an extremely energetic celestial body, Mars.

Can you imagine Venus as a damsel in love donning pastel colored garments in a community meeting with a bored priest, Ketu, and a passionate warrior, Mars?

If this sounds like an odd trio, you’re right.

So to say hello to your jolly New Year and enjoy happy developments in your creativity and relationship alike, here for you three easy-easy ways to make the most of Venus in Aquarius. You may not be able to guess what’s in store given the unconventional and unorthodox nature of this sign—so a little guidance will go a long way.

1. Innovative wave

Aquarius is the point in the sky that gives visiting planets a penchant for technological progress and social change. This astrological sign is ruled by both Saturn, the planet of longevity, and Rahu, the unconventional and a bit obsessive north lunar node.

Rahu loves all things new. So as Venus leaves behind the solid and work-oriented sign of Capricorn, it will bring you interests in research, astronomy, astrology, innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Yet traditional Saturn can bestow a touch of history and working-class awareness. So don’t leave your day job just yet.

If you’re an artist, plan to wow the crowds with your unusual style, designs and techniques.

Multi-media installations and performances will suddenly seem irresistible.

If you love music, you’ll leave home, your office or workplace to merge with the masses in overly packed concerts to usher in 2017 with new styles and compositions. Be ready to embrace a musical genre you never thought about. ‘Newest’ is the catchword now.

2. Watch out for ennui

Ketu is traditionally depicted as a headless snake, the antithesis of Rahu, who is the head of the snake.

Having no head, Ketu is uninterested in worldly achievements or connections—hence his significance and helpful influence in matters of the spirit.

But Venus loves people and relationships. So can there be reconciliation between these two opposite perspectives? Yes.

You can, for example, avoid confrontation and criticism or ignore a sudden desire for freedom—all of which you might regret later.

You could turn a sympathetic eye towards underprivileged or elderly fellows and offer your help in community projects or in a soup kitchen.

You’ll be amazed at the rewards. You’ll be happier to love humanity as a whole and you’ll want to leave your creative mark for the benefit of future generations.




3. Passion galore

As Venus moves away from Ketu and approaches Mars mid-January, expect your passions to grow exponentially.

These two planets together make fireworks seem quiet. Romance and attraction could be greatly enhanced.

Ideally you can use some of this energy to share new interests and projects with your partner. Going to an exhibit at the historical society or to a media event together can also keep you happy and avoid heated arguments—which are likely when Mars and Venus meet this closely.

Here are some Vedic solutions:

  • Recite the mantra or vibrational sounds for Venus—OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA—108 times on Fridays.
  • Recite the mantra for Mars—OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA—108 times on Tuesdays.
  • Recite the mantra for Ketu—OM KETAVE NAMAHA—108 times on Sundays.
  • Fire Labs or fire rituals to Venus are even more powerful for securing relationship happiness and harmony. Rituals to Lakshmi are believed to bring wealth miracles.
  • Ganesha, an elephant-headed archetype with super powers, rules Ketu. The likely confusion brought by the south lunar node can be dispelled by contacting Ganesha with the traditional sounds OM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA. Also, fire rituals to Ganesha can remove obstacles caused by Ketu.

Enjoy the energies and have a wonderfully unforgettable 2017!

Energetic Updates by Lalitha Devi

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