I am here on the Earth plane with a purpose. The purpose is for you to experience God. This will not be through meaningless worship or rituals. It will be through first-hand experience. That is why I call my fire rituals ‘Fire Labs’. I purposefully came up with the word ‘Fire Lab’ because it represents a laboratory where you can invoke God and sense the power of the Divine for yourself.

I have even used an EEG machine to monitor exactly what happens in the brain when a Fire Lab takes place.

The Divine is experienced in a very exceptional way. When we attend a Fire Lab, we are transported to another dimension of reality where we connect with God. In this place, we can receive his blessings, solve problems or become at one with him. You may encounter all manner of experiences depending upon your soul’s evolution.

You Can Become What You Worship

The Goddess Angali is coming to my Brzee Temple. Angali is the Goddess who can give Siddhi powers. Now is the time for talking about and experiencing the effects of image worship.

I have built a huge statue of Angali, the Mother Divine who can bring forth Siddhi powers. She is an educator and a form of Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning. Her powers are so great, she can transform an illiterate person into a great poet.

Keep Your Heart, Mind and Soul Open to the Power of Miracles

I strongly suggest watching the movie. ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’. This is a movie about Ramanujan, a  laborer who went to London to prove his mathematical genius. He obtained his powers from the Goddess Angali who belongs to the Satya Yuga, the age of truth where humans are inspired by the gods. Therefore, Goddess Angali is associated with the highest form of knowledge or wisdom. She can perform miracles and is known as the Miracle Goddess.

When Angali visits my temple you can stand before her. Soon, there will be a newsletter which will explain more. Your photograph will be placed in front of the Goddess, it will represent the surrogate you. For a set period of time,she will remain in your presence and you in hers where she will send forth her many blessings.

God’s Spirit Dwells in Your Midst

Siddhi powers are supernormal powers that are very similar to the Holy Spirit. In the Christian tradition, Jesus said, “after I am gone, there will be the Holy Spirit. It will help you to perform miracles.” The last teaching Jesus gave was, “you should all be able to perform miracles.”  That is the gift of the Holy Spirit and the power that the Goddess Angali can give to true and dedicated worshippers.

This is a very powerful worship that we have forgotten about in India. I am reviving this beautiful ceremony which involves beautiful music and dance. People become possessed with the energy of the Goddess.

The Goddess Angali is on her way. She will bring material and spiritual science. This will enable us to perform miracles.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai

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