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Great Night of Shiva Quick Guide

A royal princess by the name of Sati fell in love and married Shiva whom she knew was a supreme god. Daksha, her father, did not approve of the relationship as Shiva lived an ascetic life. He dressed like a beggar, wearing nothing but leopard skin, leaving his upper body exposed and his hair filthy and matted.

Tragedy and Heartache

News traveled that Daksha was holding a ritualistic sacrifice called a yajna. Sati desperately wanted to attend, but she and her husband had not been invited. Knowing that his wife wanted to be a part of the yajna, Shiva gave permission for Sati to go alone. When she arrived, her father was cold and distant with her. He publicly insulted Sati in front of the guests, using repugnant words against Shiva. Ashamed and humiliated, Sati threw herself into the sacrificial fire and perished.

In great anger, Shiva cut off a matted piece of hair and tossed it to the ground. His fearsome form arose from the strands. In deep sorrow and anger, the avatar stormed the ceremony and killed Daksha. From thereon, Shiva lost all interest in the world and spent most of his time in deep meditation. He completely abandoned the gods. Without his watchful eye, the world was taken over by evil.

Demons Roam the Earth

During this time, the demon Taraka was given a boon for performing long and difficult austerities that would prevent him from being killed by anyone but the son of Shiva. Taraka was out of control, causing chaos in heaven and on Earth. The gods pleaded with Shiva to save them from the forces of evil.

Joy at the Birth of a Child

Shiva could only save the gods through the birth of a son. A baby was created from the sparks of his third eye. The sparks fell into a river where six babies were formed. Parvati (a reincarnation of Sati) gathered the six bundles which miraculously transformed into one, and thus, Muruga was born.

When the time was right, Parvati gave Muruga the Vel (sacred weapon) to destroy Taraka. The demon was slayed and peace returned to Earth.

ThiruchendurAll These Emotions at Thiruchendur

During Dr. Pillai’s 2019 Birthday trip, prayer offerings will be performed at Thiruchendur—the actual place where Lord Muruga is said to have defeated the demons. Deep inside the temple, a saintly image of Muruga is carved into granite.

A powerful vortex of energy resonates throughout and a sense that Lord Muruga is using the Vel to cut through the darkness and negativity.

To Your Empowerment,

Your Pillai Center Team

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