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2 kinds of consciousness


There is an answer for this question.

It is 4:18 a.m. in the morning — God Time. And the answer for this question came to me as I woke up.

“You have become poor in order to appreciate wealth and become rich.”



God’s Words

These words are not mine; these are from God. You have become poor in order to appreciate wealth and become rich.

It’s an awakening process. If you don’t wake up, your lifetime is wasted. I felt a responsibility to wake people up so that they would understand this great philosophy of life that you have become poor in order to appreciate wealth and eventually, to become wealthy.

The Inner Becomes the Outer

All that you need to do is to understand the inner. The inner becomes the outer. If outwardly you are poor, that is only a reflection of the inner. The inner core of your being has to be transformed. The Shreem Brzee mantra will do it. And people want more explanation of how it works.

That’s why I created the Mini-Mystery School Program. I know most people aren’t able to afford the program, so I will do an absolutely free mini-program just to entice you to become rich inwardly.

The Secret of Wealth

When you become rich inwardly and it happens outwardly, that is the secret. Just watch this video again and again and again. These are not just ordinary words. Once you understand these words, then the transformation starts. God Bless.

~ Dr. Pillai

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