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Whether you are educated or uneducated, God has given you nuclear power. Your entire being is made up of boson, muon, and lepton particles. You are loaded with infinite energy.

How do you identify with yourself?

You identify by name, by ego, by vocation, your day-to-day do’s and don’ts.

Step out of the box, the one that confines you to operating from your ego and see yourself as an image of God.

Always remember that you are infinitely powerful because you are made up of boson particles—these are God particles.

For a boson mantra, watch this video.



I’ve given these sacred syllables, Na Ma Si Va Ya: NA at the base chakra; MA at the the navel chakra; SI at the heart chakra; MA at the throat and mouth chakra; YA at the 3rd eye, eyes and the crown chakra. Just to give you an experience, close your eyes. Do this for a few seconds in each of the chakras.

  1. Chant NA – At the bottom of the spine… NA
  2. Move to the navel… MA
  3. Move to the heart… SI
  4. Move to the throat and the mouth…VA
  5. Move to the two eyes, the 3rd Eye, and the brain… YA

That will take less than a minute. You will have a world of benefits come to you. It will burn your Karma, your Maya, and your Ego.


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