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Happy New Year! We are collectively tuning into a NEW energy for 2016. Forget about the past! Dr. Pillai’s message for the New Year is: Set your goals.

Set your goals the S.M.A.R.T. way in 2016. Learn this simple and effective process on the Nambu Herbs Blog.


Lord Ganesha is the elephant-headed archetype who can help you set the right goals and attain them. He is the remover of all obstacles, seen and unseen. As you are setting goals and possibly making a vision board, and even before you get out of bed in the morning, make sure to call on Ganesha first.

Don’t doubt that what you want will come. Doubt is the ego that we must step on. Dr. Pillai says we must have Faith and that Faith is Utter Positivity. We all have the choice to be positive and we must do this in every moment. Ganesha can help you with that.

Lord Hanuman’s birthday will be on Friday, January 8th in the west. Hanuman is one of only two Gods with the power to control the nine planets, especially the influence of Saturn. His powers are so great that even Saturn fears to influence him or his devotees. Learn more about Hanuman Birthday Rituals including an “Impossibility Buster” Interactive Fire Lab.

Rahu and Ketu’s important transit also begins on January 8th. Learn how the transit may affect you based on your moon sign on Astroved.


Enjoy listening to this week’s Meditation and Q&A Discussion.


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