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We are in ancestorsthe middle of Mahalaya, the 2-week period when all of your ancestors come to the earth plane to be with you and seek spiritual evolution. How is that going for you? Sundays with Sucharita members have reported a variety of experiences including spiritual insights, receiving ancestor blessings, tiredness, illness, strange encounters with relatives, and the like. On this week’s call, we enjoyed a meditation and then listened to members’ sharing about their experiences during this very intense past week.

You are highly encouraged to offer tarpanam to your ancestors daily, or as many times a day as you like, in order to help your ancestors evolve and receive their blessings for a beautiful life. As you do the simple tarpanam offering, you help your ancestors cross into the light where they can bless you and your family. Learn how here.

Here are some of the many boons you are eligible to receive from your ancestors for the remainder of Mahalaya:

8th Moon Increases Intelligence.
9th Moon Increases Support of women in life.
10th Moon Brings Success in profession.
11th Moon Brings Blessings for prosperity of children and growth of their intelligence.
12th Moon Brings Blessings for continuity of lineage and success from education.
13th Moon and 14th Moon Moon Brings possession of vehicles and a life of peace and longevity.
Mahalaya Amavasya – New Moon Helps in receiving divine light because their grace is equivalent to God’s grace. On this day, ritual is done specially for those ancestors who passed away due to weapons or accidents.

Learn more about Mahalaya rituals on Astroved.



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