Your Guru Lives in Your Heart: How Dr. Pillai Forever Changed Wayne Dyer’s Life



“The package came from one of the most divine and enlightened beings on earth, Shri Guruji, a mystic and scholar of the ancient Tamil [Siddha] tradition of southern India,” Wayne Dyer said of Dr. Pillai after receiving a parcel with a meditation recording for manifesting. Included was a letter from Guruji with the instructions of listening to the tape and practicing the meditation techniques.

Remarkably, this gift and help came to Wayne Dyer in 1995, just as he was considering writing a book on manifestation.

The famous author later wrote that phenomenal things started happening right after beginning Sri Guruji’s meditations. “This beautifully spiritual man from India was one of the most influential people to cross my path,” he said.

Two years later Wayne Dyer wrote “Manifest Your Destiny,” one of his most acclaimed books, based on his experience with Dr. Pillai’s teachings.

In the book he also described the Grace Light meditation he practiced in the presence of Guruji upon meeting him in person, and how the influence of this Eastern mystic had brought him to meditating every day for the first time.

“My meeting with Guruji was absolutely essential for me as this new course in my life was about to unfold.” 

“It was pretty clear to me that this sublime being [Dr. Pillai] was sent to me so that I might get on with the next stage of my own personal dharma.” 

“Things started showing up that I would put my attention on. I would do the daily meditation using these sounds of creation, and whatever I thought about, happened,” he later reported.

Much larger audiences were in his destiny, too, he wrote, after producing a compact disc/cassette tape, Meditations for Manifesting.

“Thousands of people began to use these principles and practice the manifesting meditation techniques. The results have been mind shattering,” he said. 

“I have stories of manifesting job promotions, having a baby, which was supposed an impossibility, selling a home that had been on the market for a year without potential buyers, and other stories of prosperity and healing that border on miracles.”

Wayne Dyer’s testimonial and his devotion to Guruji perfectly describe some of the benefits of the teachings from a “great Guru,” as he called Dr. Pillai.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Guruji, for being willing to bring this phenomenal teaching to me.”

The Power of the Guru on the Most Powerful Full Moon

Guru Purnima, or Full Moon of the Guru, is a time window with the great power to bring what Dr. Pillai describes as “an electricity” that magnifies the teachings and blessings of a guru.

Dr. Pillai is planning a Guru Purnima Brain Training Boot Camp (July 16 – 19), for transmitting energy to the brain and experience supernormal capacities in addition to financial freedom.

This training will encompass key parts of the brain such as the midbrain, the pituitary and pineal glands and the lower cerebellum.

A true enlightened master is never interested in personal power. Similarly, the Tamil Siddha yogis, for many thousands of years, have lived in seclusion, avoiding the material world and delivering their secret teachings to only a few selected students.

Traditionally, the Siddhas strictly refrained from public displays of their supernormal powers.

But in a mission to end global poverty and suffering, Dr. Pillai, unlike other Tamil Siddha yogis, has been teaching openly.

He has, in fact, offered his techniques in countless, free YouTube videos—watched by millions worldwide.

After practicing these techniques, many have testified to a profound transformation that has solved money, health and relationship issues.

Face-to-Face Energy Transmission

In most cases, receiving darshan or a direct guru-to-student transmission of energy turns one’s life around, especially on Guru Purnima. Reports span from solutions to longstanding problems to a rise in consciousness to a deeper understanding of the Divine.

One of Dr. Pillai’s students, a medical doctor, has testified how after being in the presence of Dr. Pillai, he would experience life-changing miracles, like the time he went home and within days he got a full-page write-up in Time magazine and cover.

Before meeting his guru, the doctor said in a published testimonial, he was a 30-year-old struggling physician with a small practice and an equally small office.

Spiritual Effects  Middle-Guru-Purnima-Wayne-Dyer-PC--blog

While the material benefits of meeting with one’s guru could be obvious, just as impressive are the subtle effects on the emotional and spiritual levels for those who have met their enlightened gurus.

Many witness greater intelligence and understanding, along with a sudden realization of their life purpose.

Others offer descriptions of blissful, heightened states, perhaps after longstanding heartache or depression.

What Is Darshan?

Energy transmission or darshan is the fabric of many famous accounts describing the miraculous effects of meeting with guru figures or their energetic field.

In 1937, for example, Carl Jung traveled for months across India to meet with a great sage. He then wrote, after an awe-filled visit to the mystic Ramana Maharshi, “He is the whitest point” on the whole planet.

Another more recent event regards the two tech giants Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. When Zuckerberg was experiencing problems with Facebook, Jobs told him to visit a temple in India, Kainchi Dham, an ashram associated with the mystic Neem Karoli Baba.

Later, Zuckerberg said that going to India played a crucial role in Facebook’s development.

Steve Jobs himself was very fond of Neem Karoli Baba and had wanted to meet him. Yet due to a lack of funds he delayed his trip—and when he arrived to the ashram, the great guru had already died.

Today, many people describe still seeing this guru and “feeling” him on different occasions.

These phenomena are not as rare as one might think. In fact, it is said that the Guru, being the link between the student and God, keeps transmitting his blessings from other dimensions, across time and space.

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