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What is the Miracle Mantra?

The Miracle Mantra is a way to access Dr. Pillai's energies to more easily realize your dreams.

How can they help me manifest what I want?

The Miracle Mantra uses a set of powerfully concentrated sounds and images Dr. Pillai assembled specifically for manifesting our material and spiritual desires. Each phrase calls on different potent energies mastered by Dr. Pillai.

How can I learn to do this mantra?

The Miracle Mantra is especially good to do before sunrise each morning, since this time is considered creation time. The mantra may also be done as many times as possible throughout the day and evening, as your time permits.

Recite this mantra silently or out loud:

Om Ilam Valla Madurai Siddhaya
Soma Sundara Rajati Rajaya
Baba Sri Sivaya Swaha

What do the various parts of the mantra mean and how do I pronounce them?

Om Ilam Valla (pronounced: OM IL-ahm VAH-lah)

Ilam literally means all. Valla means having the ability to do everything.

Madurai Siddhaya (pronounced: MAH-duhr-eye Sid-DIE-ah)

This phrase brings in the energy of Madurai, a place in India renowned for Goddess energy, and the miracle creating ability of the word Siddha, which refers to an enlightened master.

Soma Sundara Rajati Rajaya (pronounced: SO-mah SOON-dar-ah Rah-JHA-tee Rah-JHAY-ah)

This phrase references when a famous king from Madurai known as Soma Sundara. This sound will give you the consciousness of a king. The phrase Rajati Rajaya reinforces this consciousness.

Arunachaleswaraya (pronounced ah-roo-NAH-cha-lay-SWAH-rye-ah)

Arunachala is a sacred mountain in India that is said to destroy ego and represents the archetype Siva as the element of fire.

Namasivaya (pronounced: NAH-mah-she-VAH-yah)

Namasivaya is the ultimate mantra that gives you everything, including controlling the five elements and the five senses.

Baba Sivaya (pronounced: BAH-bah SHREE She-VAH-yah)

Baba dissolves your sins. Sri attracts money. Siva gives you enlightenment.

Swaha (pronounced: swah-HA)

Swaha is a way to invoke or call on the object of your prayers.

Is there a way to hear Dr. Pillai reciting this mantra?

Dr. Pillai has created a CD with a brief teaching and then a guided chanting of the Miracle Mantra, for those who wish to follow along with him when reciting the mantra.

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