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Seven Power Times in September (Part One)

Seven Power Times in September (Part One)

September 2nd, is one of the most celebrated days on Earth, it is Lord Ganesha’s birthday – Discover a powerful way to open up to him and receive the many blessings that he has to offer. During Vamana Jayanti (September 9th), we remember Vamana, the fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu and learn an important lesson.Take advantage of this occasion to give from the heart. When we give without expecting anything back, Vamana is said to reward us with health, abundance and happiness. During Pradosham (September 10th ) we learn how to erase the karmic footprints inherited from past lives. Master the art of prising open deep-rooted negative seeds and replace them with positive growth. Mahalaya (September 14th) is highly charged with the energy of our ancestors. Use this day to perform a powerful ritual to help your deceased loved ones transcend towards divine light. Here they can become powerful benefactors in your daily activities and act as spiritual guides to help you walk this world in their loving car

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