3 Steps to Happiness and Travels in Mind, Body and Spirit




Are you ready to step up the quality of your life and your happiness quota? With the help of Vedic astrology, I know why you’ve been putting in more hours than usual at your workplace and home.

If so, the cause is likely Saturn in Scorpio giving the planet Rahu a severe glare. In the last two years, this state of things brought unprecedented levels of fear and stress to all.

You might also feel worn out as you notice your ever-growing to-do list. That’s when you just can’t put another item on your plate, or you may seriously lose your patience.

While these problems will end soon and Saturn will move to better shores, I’m also glad to share with you the following: some happy travels, a better disposition, more inspiration and increased happiness are now in store for you. Why?

Because until December 2, 2016, Venus will be in Sagittarius, the Jupiter-ruled sign of higher teachings, inspiration and long-distance journeys. Also, Venus brings you pleasure and happiness and rules air travel.

So Venus in Sagittarius is really telling you: “Packing your bags, widening your horizons, expanding your mind, and planning a special trip to a faraway country will bring you delight and restore your faith in life.”

So to make sure your road, air or mind travels will take you somewhere magical, here for you three easy steps to making the best of this special Venus in Sagittarius. It won’t happen again until December 2017!

1. Plan way in advance

A proof of the benefits of early planning can be found in Robert Allen’s “Multiple Streams of Income,” a book based on the practices of multimillionaires to create new sources of income.

“If you normally plan a week in advance,” he says, “extend it to 30 days. If you normally plan a month in advance, extend it to three months.”

“Successful money managers know instinctively how much easier it is to save a dollar than to make an extra one. To earn a dollar in net profit, you have to deal with employees, paperwork, hassles, advertising, customer relations, inventory, taxes, red tape, risk, and so on.”

So booking your trip now is favored for two reasons.

The first is that making smarter spending choices and avoiding unnecessarily steep prices by tapping into early-bird discounts and special airfares will increase your financial freedom.

The second is not common knowledge—when you begin an activity during a supportive time Shakti or window, its outcome will be positive.

Plus, you can use Venus’ transit and book now to make sure you’ll enjoy your experience and come back feeling happy and spiritually enriched.




2. Invest in yourself

No—it’s not selfish. When you commit to becoming the best version of yourself, you often need to study or travel to acquire new skills for success and happiness.

Moreover, you can become a guiding light for those around you and a pioneer to help raise the collective consciousness.

When we’re happy, in fact, we are more likely to help others, share the fun, money or ideas, contributing to creating a wonderful, new timeline for the entire world.

You’re amazing! You deserve to take your life to a higher level. Add to your skills some meditation techniques for peace of mind and karma removal—which are advanced tools for lasting happiness. This can change your life from okay to awesome.

You can also enroll in a new course or seminar that will bring you much happiness and satisfaction in the long run.

3. Try this Vedic technology

  • Recite OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Friday to receive support from Venus with this traditional sound technology.
  • Sponsor a Fire Lab to Venus and Lakshmi for further help for relationship happiness and wealth.

Enjoy the energies!


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