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A Holiday Message from Dr. Pillai

A Holiday Message from Dr. Pillai

“Gift giving is a great thing, and that’s how you express your love to other people. You want to share the good things that you have, but what if you don’t have the resources to share? Or you don’t have the money even to visit your loved ones because airplane tickets are very expensive. You feel really sad. You want to give, but there’s not enough to give because you are making very little money.

I thought I would focus on this… for people all over the world who have constraints. They want to do things for themselves, and for others, but then they don’t have the financial resources.”


From all of us at Pillai Center to you and  your loved ones, we wish you a joyous and blessed holiday season. 

The following is a holiday message from Dr. Pillai. He provides tips on how to solve the problems of sickness, loneliness, and poverty.

He also shares a trick for stopping the mind, which is time, which is karma.



“Is it possible to stop sickness? For instance, you are witnessing that you are aging. You are also witnessing people you love such as your parents and your grandparents. They are not functional, losing their minds, and living a very difficult life, and that leads to death.

So what can you do now?

If you remain in the moment, the past will not intrude into your present, and will not carry on into the future. You have to stop the past. ‘Yes, I was sick

yesterday, and this moment is very new, and I am going to stop it’.

This seems to be an impossible task, but try it. The two moments are not


When you get into that level, then this technique is good for everything, not only to deal with sickness, or a lack of money, or a lack of a job. You did not have a job yesterday. That doesn’t mean you should continue that today.”


Stopping the Mind = Stopping Time = Stopping Karma 

“How can you live in the moment? You have to get out of the mind, because time is mind. I am going to give you a technique.

1. Put your attention in the two nostrils.

2. Say, “ich” (The pronunciation is between the words “itch” and “each”),

then hold the breath.

3. While holding the breath, focus on your brain. Momentarily, you will suffocate. Hold the breath & leave it.

I give you permission to use this technique and make it popular. This will certainly be like an aspirin that helps with pain and puts you out of the mind. Then you will be in the moment. It will help you to deal with sickness, aging, and also financial problems and loneliness.”



“I have introduced this sound, Kleem, to attract relationships and friends. There are so many people out there who have benefited. They have made their own YouTube videos on Kleem, but this time I want to use Kleem in a different way. 

Just to see the letter Kleem in  Sanskrit helps you get out of the mind

and into another dimension.

By looking at this, a form, or how Kleem is written in Sanskrit, you will be transported into a different realm.

There is also a heart shape like a Valentine’s Heart or the Sacred Heart.

Keep staring at it while you are chanting Kleem. You will certainly

attract a relationship.”



“When you have money, gift giving is not a problem. If you have solved your money problems, then you have solved most of your problems.

The primordial matter is just sound vibrations, or strings. That’s why it’s called String Theory. The Shreem Brzee mantra is a string sound. It was

given to me a long time ago, and I was skeptical.

Now, I have no doubt in my mind that this is going to solve financial problems on an individual level. It will change the economies of the countries too.”


View Dr. Pillai’s Full Holiday Message



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