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“You can be abducted to another galaxy, and you can get the knowledge and the wisdom of the people who are coming from the alien galaxies. They can give you a better brain.

I want you to read this book by John Mack called Passport to The Cosmos.

Alien Abductions & Psychic Surgery

It talks about where and how the aliens came and abducted certain individuals, and then after the abduction, how they were brought back and were in a different dimension and different intelligence, and able to see things in a different way. In some cases, they said that a psychic surgery was performed, wherein their brain became more powerful, and they were able to understand things that they were not able to understand with their human brain.

John Mack also talks about, or compares this abduction to meditative processes.

Alien Technology & Higher Intelligence

Older civilizations, ancient civilizations, they worked with these aliens, and the aliens helped them to understand intelligence better than our scientists. My incarnation at this time on planet earth is to bring that together. We have now completely ignored the alien technology.

There are books written about it. David Wilcox has written a lot of books and then talks about how different governments are working with the space aliens, and they are not making it for public knowledge. And Paul Hellyer, who was the former Defense Minister of Canada has come written books and made presentations in the Canadian Parliament of the real advantage that we have in working with this alien intelligence.



Aliens Come from Other Galactic Earth Planes

Don’t get frightened by alien Intelligence because you have some idea of aliens as people who are very tiny with large eyes and you know, frightening features. Alien simply means people who are coming from different Galaxies, and there are so many earth planes outside according to the Siddhas. The people who live in other earth planes are far more advanced than we are.

My ambition is how we can benefit from that. I am going to bring the mysticism. Mysticism is interacting with the divine. Getting your information, not from other people, other human beings, but from the divine.

A Scientist’s Interaction with an Alien Being

There was a great scientist in India, Ramanujan. Ramanujan went to London, he was a clerk, but then he received this wisdom from the Goddess. He was able to come up with equations that no other mathematicians could.

A professor asked him, “Hey Ramanujan, how is it that you are able to come up with these equations? Who gives it to you?” He said: “The Goddess.” And then [the professor] went nuts. “How can you go and tell people that The Goddess is giving all these? You have to give me the steps.”

Alien Intelligence Gives Instant Solutions

Steps are unnecessary. You can go to the solution right away, that is the divine intelligence. You’ll bypass time, you’ll bypass steps. These are some of the things that are not only interesting, but very, very practical.”

~ Dr. Pillai

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