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We pride ourselves in being firmly grounded in reality with our two feet well on the ground. But could it be that we are actually reducing our possibilities of success?

Dr. Pillai explains why illusion and reality, just like energy and matter, are not far apart, but one and the same.

“Illusion and reality are very important concepts. People always say: ‘Don’t build castles in the air.’ But you have to build castles in the air, otherwise you will never build a real one.

A “Real” Castle in the Air

“Unfortunately people discourage anyone who is building castles in the air. You have to fake it in order to make it. There is a scientific basis for that.

“I’m not just talking about philosophy.

“It’s philosophy as well as a matter of neurology.

“There are several parts of the brain involved in daydreaming. In fa ct, your dreaming is done by your brain, too. You dream with the right brain. That’s why you cannot remember your dream, because the left brain doesn’t remember the dream.

The Midbrain Realizes Your Dreams

2“The midbrain creates very powerful illusions and it doesn’t differentiate between illusion and reality, because matter is energy appearing in a solid form.

“Everything is illusion. The difference between illusion and reality—philosophically speaking—is that one is energy and the other is matter.

Einstein said, ‘I have no problem in understanding the philosophy that everything is illusion, except for the fact that what I see remains to be a consistent illusion.’ Because Maya is a consistent illusion. ‘I don’t see any other reality.’

But the yogis know that illusions are real; everything is real because reality itself is illusion. If you’re living in a totally illusionary world, you will be able to create everything. Again, you have to go to the midbrain. So don’t create this controversy—illusion is reality. But you have to open your midbrain.”

Midbrain Tapping Meditation

Close your eyes. Tap the point in between your eyebrows with your little finger.

“Tap. Feel. Tap. Feel. Tap. Feel.

“You have to Feel it. Wait until the feeling builds up.

“Then go and tap.

“As soon as you touch, you’ll be able to see the feeling starting to happen. Build on it.

“Tap. Feel. Then move up [the forehead].

“Tap. Feel.

“Tap. Feel.

“If you want to, you can hit with your nail in order to have more sensation.

“Tap. Feel.

“Tap. Feel.

“Now feel the entire brain vibrating with energy. God bless.”

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