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Dr. Pillai: “We are now in a very critical time period in the history of planet Earth. You know what is happening around the world. There is disturbance everywhere; in nature, imbalanced by the forces of nature, which is global warming first, that has an impact on everything that is going around on planet Earth, and humanity. We now have wars going on in many countries and the 

worst one is the Ukraine war. These things are happening now more than ever before, because we are transitioning into the Golden Age, or ‘Satya Yuga.’

Our Consciousness Has To Move From Ignorance To Intelligence 

We are very proud of our own achievements in science and we are arrogant. This science and technologies are very arrogant. But then what is also simultaneously happening that is important is how to contact beings in other worlds. This Wall Street article which I was reading said that space research people are sending messages to beings in the other world. There are condemnations for that and then Elon Musk said that it is not a good idea to do that, to communicate and send messages to them. We do not know who is going to come. And it is not just from Elon Musk versus non-scientists who know about Angels, but they acknowledge that there are beings. And even Stephen Hawking, the scientist, said contacting other beings will be dangerous. 

Scientists Know These Beings And They Are Called Angels 

When Jesus was arrested, Peter drew up his sword to fight with the Roman soldiers. What Jesus said was true that when you spoke these words true and forever: ’Put the sword down, those who live by sword will die by sword.’ Then he said, ‘If God had wanted to save me, he could have sent an Angel. But he did not because it was necessary that He die on the cross, so that you will love Angels, you will have the Holy Spirit as an Angel. It is part of God and the Trinity, and that is what we need. If I have to summarize in one word what Jesus wanted to give to humanity is the Holy Spirit. 

Pentecostal is the day that the Holy Spirit came like a wind blowing and that wind is no different from prana, Angels, and the life force. What is inside the life force is the divine energy, which outside is God and Angels. We will have a different understanding of the universe in the upcoming Satya Yuga, where we will know that it is stupid to be very proud of our 2% knowledge, which is less than 2% knowledge of our DNA. Quantum biology will be the new biology, then we will go beyond the 2% understanding now of the DNA. We will be assisted by Angels. Angels are not imaginary beings or superstitions as scientists think. 

Scientists are superstitious as they are tied to logical positivism. We are living, they cannot even conceive of a condition beyond the binary opposites. They cannot conceive of something beyond “yes” and “no,” good and evil, negative and positive. That is because we are conditioned by our three dimensional understanding of nature. The fourth dimension was discovered by Einstein, but that also is conditioned. But it is better than what Newton had found about space and time. Newton said, time is absolute, space is contained. Einstein came and disproved it. But Einstein did not know about space and time fully.This is again 2%. Knowledge that comes from the Holy Spirit is complete.

We Have To Open Ourselves Up To Embrace Angels

What can the Holy Spirit do? The Holy Spirit which is an Angel is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. We have to open ourselves to embrace Angels through the thought process. You have to think of something, then you can create it. If you think of Angels and believe, it will become reality, and then you can see Angels. If we say there are no Angels, there is only old age and death, and that will be the reality. But if you open up to the greater reality, then there are lots of things that you can benefit from. 

The Angels are real. God is real. What is unreal is your own misunderstanding which you have made as your true understanding. The moment you begin to open up to the Angels, you will be benefited by Angels.. The Angels are beings, they are everywhere in all ancient religions. Angels are hovering around you. They are trying to help you and you are not seeing it because you do not want to see them, because science says it is a superstition to believe in that. What you lose is miracles, you will battle with your ignorance. Every second is a battle, whether to go this way or that way. And nowhere and in no position that you decide on is going to give you an extraordinary miraculous opening. We want miracles in life. And the Holy Spirit can do miracles. Angels can do miracles and how to get them inside of you.”

Living the Divine Mind

Join Dr. Pillai’s 2022 Mystery School based on living the Divine mind through the science of delimitation, beginning July 12th. A Pentecostal program will run for 6 weeks starting on Pentecostal Day, June 5th, as a prelude to Mystery School. 

You are also encouraged to participate in the next free live webinar of the Mystery School series on May 22nd, at 10 am PDT where Pillai Center teacher Mohini will take you through a guided experience to invoke Jesus’ 15 million Angels, learn the power to discern and block spirits, and apply key teachings from Dr. Pillai’s May 8 and 15 webinars.




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