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Benefits of Timelessness


Our materially oriented society undervalues the spiritual life. Spirituality gets reduced to a purely psychological sense of fulfillment, just warm and fuzzy feelings about God. What an unfortunate misunderstanding and over-simplification of a profound process.

Spirituality is the discovery of your highest, most outrageous potentials. They go all the way up to God, including Self-identity with the Divine and total freedom.

Perhaps that’s too “out there” for some folks to believe or simply not relative to their interests, but there’s another dimension that should be considered: the practical applications of spiritual wisdom.

How can spiritual wisdom and techniques benefit you in real life?

That’s where Dr. Pillai and the Tamil Siddhas come in. The Tamil Siddha tradition, which Dr. Pillai embodies and represents, has always been concerned with tangible results. Dr. Pillai’s commitment is to share these discoveries with the world in a way that encourages a new, more empowered life for everyone.

His teachings never conflict with scientific understanding, rather they compliment. In the same way that scientific investigation results in new technologies to make life easier, so does the wisdom that comes out of spiritual realization.

Dr. Pillai and the Siddhas are like the Google or Apple of internal research and development. They are true innovators of the inner world, the domain of spirituality. And spiritual wisdom tells us there is no permanent barrier separating the inner and outer worlds, therefore these discoveries must be able to help us in our daily lives.

Dr. Pillai’s recent work on time and Time Line Jumping is more than spiritual philosophy. It’s a spiritual methodology that brings experience. In his recent online Master Class, Dr. Pillai spoke about time. He also gave a technique and experience which can straight away put you into timelessness! Now that has some very real benefits. Click Here for a Full Replay.

Consider how a comprehensive scientific and spiritual understanding of time, backed by the techniques to actually engage this Cosmic principle, can benefit you in real life…

Understanding Time can take you into Timelessness

Timelessness is a space of total stillness and thought-free experience. This directly affects your power to manifest your ideal life. Manifestations are limited by the thoughts you have about yourself and the world. To manifest something new, you must be free of those limiting ideas. This thought-free space is a higher consciousness with a far greater degree of freedom to create. How did the Siddha’s discover this space and how did they get there? Through the use of secret mantras and meditative techniques which are only now being shared with the world. The timeless zone is the goal of meditation, beyond mind, beyond thoughts, beyond time.

Timelessness awakens the Soul’s Intelligence

All kinds of things arise in the world. Your words, thoughts, and ideas spring up in response to these things. That itself is your mind. It is a reaction to Reality. So mind can never truly speak for Reality itself nor can mind truly speak on your behalf, not on behalf of your Soul. Your Soul is part and parcel of the Divine and therefore the ultimate source of intelligence. Tune into your Soul’s intelligence and you can know your life’s plan, the way your unique personality can be fulfilled in this birth. The Soul’s intelligence is awakened in the space of timelessness.

Timelessness is Beyond Karma

The only thing that keeps you from realizing your dreams is karma. It’s that simple. Getting beyond karma is not. Karma is the law of cause and effect as you perceive it in the manifest world. Time and karma are so intricately woven together that the Siddhas say “Time is Karma.” They also understood, as Einstein would later prove, that time and space are a continuum. Changing one affects the other, thus changing your karma. With this understanding the Siddhas are able to manipulate karma, revealing the liberating truth that karma is not binding—it can be changed. If you want to change your karma then change your space, change your time.

Timelessness is the Ultimate Shortcut

Without the perception of time, how do we differentiate between an effect or it’s cause. Only because it comes after is it called the effect. What happens if you step out of time? An infinite amount of possibilities are revealed. This is Time Line Jumping … instantly changing from one timeline to another where your particular desire is already happening. On the gross level, matter is directly influenced by time and things “take time” to manifest. In the subtle space of timelessness there are infinite opportunities ready to express themselves at any moment. The trained Yogi simply catches an opportunity, enters that timeline with it’s associated world, and into the space where the goal is already met.

Timelessness is the Now, the Eternal Present

Right understanding of time can show you happiness. The realized sages agree, there’s nothing that can make you happy. No amount of money or accumulated spiritual experiences can ever actually make you happy. Happiness is your nature, it is the quality of your being when you simply are. It’s the ideas you hold about who or what you are, your opinion of the world and your place in it, that drive you to take actions seeking happiness. But in fact, happiness is already available Here and Now. Time is the phenomenon that pushes happiness into the future or back to the past. Timelessness is the Eternal Present.

And much more …

Dr. Pillai’s Light Body Program offers a comprehensive syllabus over the course of a full year. The Secrets of Time will make up a third of the course content, including …

  • Timelessness
  • Time theories and experiences
  • Time and the Planets
  • Planets and the Psycho-biological experience of Time
  • Time and the Brain
  • Time Metrics and Super-intelligence

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