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“What is an archetype? An archetype is a being who lives in the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind contains thoughts, feelings, memories, and urges which are outside one’s conscious awareness.

Messages from this part of the brain can be filtered through the subconscious, and then to the conscious mind through emotions, images, sensations and dreams.

Archetypes vibrate from the unconscious mind and can help us to accomplish great things.

The One Manifesting Tool You Cannot Live Without

Vishwamitra was a king with a big heart. He spent many lifetimes looking for a miracle to end poverty and suffering.

After hundreds of years, his prayers were answered. The divine gave him the sound Brzee, the ultimate tool for success.

One Miraculous Sound

Whenever you are troubled and worried, just say this sound and direction will be given. Whenever you are confused and afraid, just recite this sound and an answer will appear out of nowhere.

This is a very powerful mantra. It is loaded with 1,200 years of intense meditation.

Good Luck on Your Side

Commit to the sound of Brzee and watch beautiful changes unfold before your very eyes. This good luck mantra can help you to live a happy and successful life.”

– Dr. Pillai


Align with the Manifesting Power of Shreem Brzee

The Shreem Brzee Immersion Extension program is an intensive 4-month online course from Dr. Pillai created with the intention to help you manifest wealth consciousness with the Shreem Brzee mantra.

The program, which will begin on December 9, 2018 and conclude on March 31, 2019, is designed to move you through four components to help you successfully align with the manifesting power of the Shreem Brzee mantra.

Anyone can chant the mantra at any time. However, this program will provide you with newly revealed techniques that can accelerate your progress and connection with the mantra and the divine beings behind it.


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