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“I have come up with a way to bring you on my birthday trip in an esoteric way, using Yogic and Tantric technology – I can capture the energy of anyone through their horoscope inscribed on a copper plate (proxy yantra).”  – Dr. Pillai


You may have heard. Dr. Pillai is leading a birthday trip, at the end of this month, to three sacred karma-dissolving powerspots in Tamil, India, including his birthplace of Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram is known for ancient temples and 22 wells, each of which dissolves a different type of karma, and it hosts some of the shoreline of the Sea of Rama.

For those who can’t join him physically, there is another way to join him – through ancient Vedic proxy technology.

What is Vedic Proxy Technology?

If you have ever experienced distance healing sessions from an energy healing practitioner, you know what a proxy is. A proxy is an object that acts as a surrogate for you, or whoever is receiving the healing.

When you attend one of our Fire Lab ceremonies, the Vedic priests use this same technology so that you receive the benefits from the Divine Archetypes being invoked in the ceremonies.

On his birthday trip, Dr. Pillai will use a special yantra (sacred geometric design) for each person who attends virtually.

A copper sheet will be inscribed with your horoscope and will represent your energetic blueprint as it travels with Dr. Pillai to all the sacred powerspots and ceremonies. Your yantra will absorb and transmit all the blessings to you.

In his words, “That will be as good as you being there with me.”

Through this yantra, you will receive:

  • Initiations, or subtle energy empowerments, from Dr. Pillai
  • Admission to all the birthday Fire Labs & other ceremonies via your yantra
  • The full karma-dissolving power from all the sacred temples
  • Blessings from Rameshwaram’s 22 karma-cleansing wells & the Sea of Rama when your yantra is bathed in them

You will also receive the yantra itself, which will be shipped to you at the conclusion of the trip.

There are multiple packages to choose from, depending on your budget.

Join Now Before the Early Bird Special Ends

Learn About the Proxy Packages 

About the Sacred Powerspots

“Rameshwaram where I was born is a place which removes karma, and that’s why I selected this place for my Birthday Celebrations… If there is one vortex that removes karma, that is Rameshwaram. It has so much power, and there are 22 wells in there that existed even before the Temple was built.” – Dr. Pillai


Rameshwaram is the place where Dr. Pillai consciously chose to be born. That’s because it’s aligned with his mission, which is to remove karma and suffering. Participants, in-person and via proxy yantras, will experience the sacred temple and bathe in the 22 wells and the Sea of Rama.

Thiruvannamalai is the home of the mountain, Arunachala. The mountain is said to be Shiva in his Infinite Fire form he took, according to scripture, to eradicate evil. This powerspot is also said to provide all the world’s sacred sites their Divine Power.

Kumbakonam is Dr. Pillai’s favorite place to go on retreat. It has the largest collection of live temple powerspots, in close proximity, than any other place in the world. According to scripture, Brahma gathered all the Divine Wisdom in one place to protect it. Then, a great cataclysmic flood washed it away to the place now known as Kumbakonam.


Join Now Before the Early Bird Special Ends

Learn About the Proxy Packages 


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