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On December 17th we celebrate the birthday of Lord Hanuman. He was born on the New Moon and in Moola nakshatra (or star).

Dr. Pillai said that the time-window corresponding to the birth of a divine being greatly magnifies the blessings and the energy coming to us from that same celestial being.

We love different archetypes according to our upbringing and cultural roots, but some of the Gods have universal appeal due to their unusual superpowers.

Hanuman is the carrier of a much desirable quality: He is the impossibility buster.

Even those who have a partial knowledge of his whereabouts in the Ramayana – the ancient Indian epic – know that he could lift a mountain, defeat an army of demons and even return Sita to her consort, Lord Rama, after she was kidnapped by the most powerful of all demons, Ravana.

An incarnation of Lord Shiva, Hanuman represented the highest virtues and qualities, which ensured him the love of Lord Rama – an ‘avatar’ of Vishnu.

Having Hanuman on your side will also bring another unfathomable gift – he will control Saturn, the main planet delivering the painful results of karma, which makes him the most feared of all planets. Thanks to Hanuman’s intervention, Saturn will not be able to hurt you.

To access the blessings of Hanuman, the monkey-faced deity – the epitome of valor, courage and unwavering friendship towards Rama – you can invoke him with some special sounds and simple rituals:

Take a shower and sit in a quite place. Clear your mind with some deep and slow breathings, while keeping your attention on your nostrils.

Ask Hanuman to solve a problem that you are facing through his intervention and miraculous powers. Visualize him – the body of a powerful human warrior, a noble demeanor and the face of a monkey.

If you own a picture or a statue of Hanuman, you can place it on a table or shelf and offer a ghee or sesame oil lamp. Light the lamp and some incense. If possible, offer some flowers, fruit and a glass of water.

Invoke Hanuman with the following mantra. These sound vibrations will speed your own vibrations and allow you to resonate with this archetype’s energy. OM HANUMATE NAMAHA (108, or 27 times)

Thank Hanuman for his blessings and help with your matters and trust that he will solve your problems through seemingly impossible feats.

Remain seated for a few minutes to fully absorb the energy of the meditation and ritual.

You can eat the fruit and drink the water that you offer. You can share them with others. This will increase the blessings that you will receive. You can also donate some of the flowers that you offered to Hanuman.

Best wishes for manifesting the “impossible.”

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