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Dr. Pillai provides four steps to receiving spiritual support and health protection, especially during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic situation.



“Let us all get united, getting beyond religion, getting beyond any differences, beyond science, beyond everything to bring God’s energy that will fight against evil forces that are trying to destroy us. Science is doing its best and we are using it. We must use it along with God’s power. With science and God we will defeat the disease. God Bless” – Dr. Pillai


Four Steps to Spiritual Support

Dr. Pillai has been in deep reflection and communication with the Divine to come up with ways to help combat the spread of the coronavirus. He has steadily been releasing new videos with teachings, tools and meditations. The videos and downloadable meditations are accessible on this page. However, to help you more easily incorporate the new teachings into your life, below we have summarized them into four steps and key takeaways. 

1. Replace Fear with Prayer

The central message of Dr. Pillai’s recent teachings about this global crisis is that it is a wake-up call for humanity to turn to God. Now is the time to reflect and seek God’s grace. It is important not to give into fear, which only feeds the collective fear many are experiencing right now. Fear is born out of the illusion that God is not in complete control.

This, as Dr. Pillai explains, is part of the problem and why calamities such as this are being allowed to happen by God himself. Scientists, politicians, and other world leaders are not able to solve the problem. It is because of our over-dependence on science and technology, and rationalistic mind, that we are being given this experience of what appears to be a helpless state. However, there is a silver lining. Through this pandemic, God is helping to show humanity our limitations to bring us closer to him.

Rather than embracing fear, the solution is to become prayerful. Dr. Pillai suggests that we surrender to God by getting on our knees and praying for his protection. Below is one of the prayers recently given by Dr. Pillai which you can use. You can also use any heartfelt prayers you are inspired to make.

“Now let us close our eyes and pray from our heart, mind, and soul to the Almighty, to nature, to the invisible God: We are ignorant. You are an embodiment of the incarnation of wisdom. Give us the wisdom so that we can protect ourselves from dangers like this coronavirus. Please use your miraculous powers and protect your children. Amen.” – Dr. Pillai

2. Embrace Your True Identity

“In scientific terms, if you identify yourself with photon waves, light, there will be no problem with the virus. The problem is the flesh and blood.” – Dr. Pillai 

As Dr. Pillai recently shared, turning to God is recognizing yourself as God. He quoted the Bible which says, “God created man in his own image.” However, the word “God” can be confusing. Dr. Pillai referenced the Indian tradition which uses the word ‘Deva’ instead. Deva means a “shiny being.” By turning to God, Dr. Pillai is suggesting imagining and becoming one with yourself as a light being. Scientifically speaking, your light body is your photonic body. Dr. Pillai shared that in doing this, you can be protected from the virus. To benefit, simply hold onto the visualization of your body being light, and embrace it as your true identity.

3. Invoke God’s Angels

“This is the time that we have to invoke the God principles, who are the archetypes, or angels, around us.” – Dr. Pillai

During one of Dr. Pillai’s recent messages, he shared that now is the time to invoke the angels of God to come and combat the virus. The most powerful way to do this, as Dr. Pillai teaches, is through the fire ritual, because it is through fire that one can experience God’s presence. Fire is the element of light.

Additionally, as Dr. Pillai shares, the fire ritual does not necessarily require faith; it is instead more of a technology. Dr. Pillai recently conducted a fire ritual that invoked different forms of eight of God’s angels to intervene and protect the world. During the ritual, Dr. Pillai guided everyone on how and what to pray for. We recommend watching this video at least once a day so you can receive Divine support. Pray along with Dr. Pillai, listen to the sacred sounds, and keep looking at the fire while you watch to invoke God’s grace into your life.

4. Breathe the Holy Spirit

“The power of the Holy Spirit will defeat the virus and protect your respiratory system.” – Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai shared that the coronavirus is an evil force trying to destroy our breath, which is our life. That is why the virus is afflicting the respiratory system. Now is the time to call on the Holy Spirit, which, according to Dr. Pillai and the mystics of India, is the Divine breath, or prana, to protect our respiratory system and life force energy.

Dr. Pillai recently shared a special meditation to infuse the Holy Spirit, through the breath, into the body to help protect and heal it from the virus. We recommend using this meditation at least once a day for an opportunity to to increase your immunity and shield yourself from any possible infection through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Both yogic and modern science agree that it is more powerful to meditate in groups. It has been shown to multiply the benefits of meditation not only for participants, but the entire population. We invite you to join us for spiritual defense calls during which we will use Dr. Pillai’s new meditation as a group to help combat the dark forces.


These are trying times and you may feel afraid, confused, overwhelmed, and uncertain right now. Dr. Pillai understands this and is here to help. Remember that God has this all under control, and all you need to do is call on him regularly and often to overcome any fear you might be feeling.

Use the four steps and other resources Dr. Pillai has given, share them with others in your life, and join together with the global community to help in combating the pandemic and all dark forces.

Dr. Pillai is certain that if we pull together as a global family, getting beyond all differences, we will make it through. Join us on Sundays at 9:00 am PT (4:00 pm UTC) to unite in meditation, prayer, and upliftment of the world. 


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