“Hayagriva is the horse-faced god of intelligence. He is considered an avatar of Vishnu. He is the god of consciousness. He’s the God of intelligence. He can bring you miracles. Hayagriva represents the restorer, the one who restores wisdom from the clutches of ignorance. We are going to celebrate his birthday. The celebration of the birthdays of the avatars is very important.” ~ Dr. Pillai


The upcoming Full Moon on August 14 is the Goddess Full Moon, which brings the Divine Mother’s energy to the Earth plane. It is also when we celebrate the birthday of Hayagriva, the horse-headed incarnation of Vishnu, the Archetype of Wealth.

Dr. Pillai teaches that a powertime for a birth of a God or Goddess is a time for birthing that God’s or Goddess’s energy within yourself.


Hayagriva Activates Your Brain & Intellect

Hayagriva is believed to activate the logical and analytical aspects of the mind. Teachers and students alike invoke him to enhance their teaching and learning skills.

Dr. Pillai explains the significance of Vishnu’s horse incarnation:

“All our problems are due to the brain not functioning properly. If we can get the brain under control, then everybody becomes intelligent. Everyone becomes compassionate, and we can find a solution for the problems of the world through the horse archetype of Vishnu. What is he going to do? The archetype will go and completely overpower your soul, your intellect, and your whole being. The archetype will change you. What does that mean? It means the descent of the archetype into the consciousness of the world.”


Multiple Prayer Services for the Double Powertime

Pillai Center offers opportunities for group activities on Full Moon powertimes because praying and chanting in groups is said to multiply your manifesting efforts.

We will celebrate the Full Moon with both an eastern and a western Fire Lab. We will celebrate Hayagriva’s birthday with a lot of powerful eastern and western offerings, including the western Shreem Brzee Fire Lab, which will be devoted to both Wealth Goddess Lakshmi and Hayagriva.


Mantras & At-Home Practice

Hayagriva’s Gayatri Mantra:

Om Vagishwaraye Vidmahe (ohm vah-gish-WAH-rah-yay VID-mah-hay)

Hayagrivaye Dhimahi (hah-yah-GREE-vah-yay DEE-mah-hee)

Tanno Hayagrivah Prachodayat (tah-NOH hah-yah-GREE-vah prah-CHO-dah-yaht)

Simple Hayagriva Mantra:

Om Hayagriva, Hayagriva, Hayagriva

Use Lakshmi’s wealth mantra, Shreem Brzee:

This mantra invokes the Goddess to help you eliminate poverty consciousness and attract spiritual and material wealth. Chant it as often as possible, even while shopping or when waiting in line to pay for your Slurpee. This will reinforce the mantra’s energy and help create new habits within the brain.


Powertime Enhancers

Join Hayagriva’s Birthday Fire Prayers on Wednesday, August 14 PDT. Pillai Center is hosting multiple prayer offerings to invoke Hayagriva on your behalf. Enjoy the benefits from home. Sponsor the prayers for blessings related to wisdom, problem-solving, and all types of learning.

Join the North America-based Shreem Brzee Full Moon Fire Lab on Wednesday, August 14 PDT. It is led by one of Dr. Pillai’s western teachers, who will also guide you in Hayagriva chanting and prayers. Chanting mantras in groups multipliy their blessings. Participant Aynes Narciso says, “I love the intensity of the Goddess energy that came through. Thank you!”

More Full Moon Fun: The Vedic priests invite you to join another event. Join the Integrate Joyful Prosperity Interactive Fire Lab on Wednesday, August 14 PDT. The Moon will be in Dhanishta, Vedic Astrology’s star of prosperity, music, and community. This makes it a great day to chant with others as a group to receive the blessings of the archetypes.


Receive Hayagriva’s Brain Power Blessings 24 Hours a Day

The Hayagriva Yantra is a copper plate with special engravings that carry the energy of Hayagriva. The Vedic priests will bless it during the Hayagriva birthday services, and then we will ship it to you.

You can carry it with you in your pocket. You can also place it on your altar and make offerings to it as a proxy for Hayagriva.

The Yantra is especially recommended for people who want to encourage spiritual and intellectual intelligence and problem-solving skills.




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