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“Ganesha is going to take over. He is going to help people to improve their intelligence, because he is primarily the God of Intelligence. He’s the master of the Mind Principle.”

– Dr. Pillai

A Lifetime Ganesha Initiationall in ganesha 1

It’s Dr. Pillai’s wish that everyone experience the miracles of a living, personal relationship with Ganesha.

He’s created a brand new DO-IT-YOURSELF program that, with your commitment, guarantees tangible results!

Scroll Down to learn more about Dr. Pillai’s 3-Month Ganesha Program

Dear Students,

The Hindu scriptures, the Bible, and other ancient texts acknowledge our divinity and ability to know and do EVERYTHING. The fall from divinity came from the development of our human ego and reasoning.

Zen says: When you know, you don’t know; when you don’t know, you know.

Ganesha is the custodian of this untaught, innate intelligence that we all have.

We don’t have to wait a long time to know and accomplish things.

Everything is deep within us.

It is a matter of bypassing ‘slow time’ and tapping into our ability to know and do, instantly. Who can help with this? Ganesha.

Of late, I have been experiencing the special qualities of Ganesha constantly.

It is Ganesha’s wish that I disseminate the knowledge to committed students and practitioners of meditation. I have structured a do-it-yourself practice for this purpose.

If practiced diligently for 90 days, you will be able to see tangible results and gain a communication channel with Ganesha.

This is a single initiation that will last a lifetime, and can be used throughout your future endeavors to accomplish what you wish.

God Bless,

Go “ALL IN” with Ganesha for the Next 3 Monthsganesha call

Do you want guaranteed results you can see? Then completely immerse yourself in Ganesha’s energy as it increases exponentially in the months to come!

Dr. Pillai has created a brand new do-it-yourself plan to have Ganesha transform your life miraculously. Scheduled for the perfect time for new beginnings, the Astrological New Year on April 13th, you’ll receive a “Lifetime Ganesha Initiation” from Dr. Pillai to awaken your innate super-intelligence.

In addition to the initiation webcast, unmatched Divine support continues through comprehensive tools, information, and hands-on guidance, including:

  • Mantra for super-intelligence, time compression, obstacle removal, and money and wealth attraction.
  • Energized 1-inch Ganesha statue
  • Energized Copper Amulete carrying Ganesha herb & 1-inch Yantra
  • Ganesha ritual time chart & AstroVed 2016 calendar
  • Hydration, Light & Sound Rituals to 11 Ganeshas on 14th Moon at power vortex
  • Elephant feeding on 14th Moon

The 3-Month Ganesha Program is included in the Enhanced & Elite Astrological New Year offerings from Pillai Center and AstroVed.


Includes Ganesha 3-month Program with 1 Month of Spiritual Technology



Includes Ganesha 3-month Program with 3 Months of Spiritual Technology


Receive 3 Months of Divine teachings, tools, & technology for creating a miraculous relationship with Ganesha.

FREE Call: Starting Your Life with Ganesha

Join Pillai Center this weekend for a FREE, LIVE call exploring the many ways you can start this Astrological New Year with Ganesha. Find out:

  • WHY you should start with Ganesha
  • HOW to begin your Ganesha practice
  • Detailed outline of Dr. Pillai’s 3-Month Ganesha program
  • Live Question & Answers

Call Details:

Sunday, April 10th, 9 am PDT

Dial-in Number: 605-562-3140

Participant Code: 853138

Complete Packages for the “Year of Ganesha”

Learn about offers from Pillai Center and AstroVed designed to put you in touch with Ganesha’s increased energy, and keep you focused on transforming your life over the next 3 months. Commit to these practices and the “King of Angels” can:

  • solve your problems
  • improve your personal relationships
  • condense time and remove delays
  • replace uncertainty with clarity
  • create shortcuts to success!



Select from one of three different packages for initiation, empowerment, and support to access the power of Ganesha in the most profound way.

The “King of Angels”Descends

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