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Holy Spirit, Holy Breath Meditation & Miracles

I often refer to my teachings and how they change from minute to minute. This is because my knowledge is constantly advancing. I want to change reality as quickly as possible.

I want people to reach a dimension where they can appreciate time not in just seconds but in microseconds. When this happens, you will no longer experience the pain of waiting for problems to be resolved. Attaining this level will require a good understanding of time. It has to be processed at a very  quiet level.

Speeding up Time

This is not achievable through the neocortex, the area concerned with creating time and waiting. To fully understand and work with time you must access the Pineal Gland where there is great potential to reduce timelines very quickly. You also have to become acutely aware of energy—a bio-psychological energy known as the Holy Spirit or the Holy Breath.

The Power of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the energy that impregnated the Virgin Mary. It also helped Samson pull down a building and helped Jesus perform miracles.  It is the Breath of God. It is similar to the breath in our bodies for we are all part of God. God gave us life.

We should focus as often as possible on our nostrils for this is where the Holy Spirit can enter. You must understand the breath, the life energy. When you understand this, you will be in the company of the Holy Spirit where you can perform miracles and accelerate time.

– Dr. Pillai


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