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Do You Know How to Talk to the Planets?

Or rather, do you know how to listen to them?

The nine planets in Vedic astrology speak to us through their energetic fields and rays. They hold the uncanny power to influence our thoughts and moods—therefore our lives.

When this awareness dawns on us, we can then capture the unique messages that these demigods, as Dr. Pillai defines them, are sending us. The authors of this communication can help us decipher our karmic destiny, giving us a great chance to minimize its negative aspects, while maximizing its desirable effects.

But first, we need to learn the planetary language. For too long, our culture has underestimated the power of mantras (or sounds). We have relegated them to foreign and religious quarters. But these sounds are alive and they can become your greatest friends. You will be changed and your lives will be enhanced.

Here are some sounds to access the nine planets’ positive impact.

OM SURYAYA NAMAHA—for the Sun—asking for power, vitality and a good relationship with the father or favors from the government.

OM CHANDRAYA NAMAHA—for the Moon—for balanced emotions, peace of mind and ensuring a good relationship with your mother.

OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA—for Mars—for increased energy, courage and help with real estate.

OM BHUDAYA NAMAHA—for Mercury—for perfect speech, writing, learning and analyzing information and help in business.

OM GURAVE NAMAHA—for Jupiter—to increase optimism, access divine knowledge and acquire higher wisdom. Through these sounds, you can also receive help for your children and increase your wealth.

OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA—for Venus—for general happiness, for introducing more beauty and luxury in your life, for romance or prosperity.

OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA—for Saturn—to complete hard work, for perseverance and long-lasting material achievements in career and wealth.

OM RAHAVE NAMAHA—for the North lunar node Rahu—to receive help through unconventional thinking and new technologies.

OM KETAVE NAMAHA—for the South lunar node Ketu—for spiritual guidance and ultimate liberation.

While each planet may occupy and rule different areas of your horoscope, appealing to their intervention and pacifying them by resonating with their energy can bring you many auspicious changes.

I believe we can win the battle against most of our problems by raising our awareness of these divine planetary forces.

Moreover, this teaching comes from a great Siddha master, Dr. Pillai.

Wishing you miracles in your lives.





by Lalitha Devi



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