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mars strong

Planets, a bit like people, change moods and activities depending on their location. To summarize the latest itineraries of Mars—he turned spiritual in Pisces, where he helped you commit to a meditation or yoga practice, acquired determination and defensive traits in his own sign of Aries, and is now moving into a pleasant, but unfamiliar land, Taurus.

To know what this means for you and what’s needed to benefit from this transit, read six steps to a more peaceful and profitable connection with this fiery planet.

1) Choose your battles. 

Mars in Taurus will join Mercury and this could mean some angry words hurled at others to secure the most comforts, the best house or the most pleasures. So let open-mindedness win and communicate your needs peacefully.

2) Commit to your artistic expression. 

Mercury loves writing and Taurus can signify the arts—when Mars brings in a ton of energy to this area, you’ll get a rare chance to enjoy your writing, poetry, songwriting or instrument playing. And this time, you might enjoy the drums more than the flute or prefer fast dancing to slow ballet. Saturn’s stern look to these planets will require work and commitment to reach good results.

3) Tennis chic.

 Because Mars along with Mercury may bring you an interest in golf, tennis or squash, you may surprise others by showing up to the field or court in new or glamorous outfits. Venus, ruler of Taurus, loves beauty and elegance. To yoga lovers, a new pink mat or pristine tank tops may now seem very appealing.

4) Solid wealth. 

Taurus is the official house of luxury brands and assets, while Mercury rules finances. And, Mars here will increase your drive to succeed in gaining money and real estate. Additionally, Saturn’s influence could solidify the acquisition of your dream house.

Pray with the following vibrational sounds to both Mars and Muruga—the young overlord of the red planet—and enlist their help: OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA (for Mars). OM SHARAVANABAVAYA NAMAHA (for Muruga). A minimum of 108 repetitions recited on a Tuesday will bring you the best results.

self discipline

5) Stay self-disciplined. 

Your signature self-discipline may now dwindle because of Mars’ position in Taurus. Since the mood will be more inclined towards enjoyment, you may have to renew your resolve to practice meditation and eat healthy. But we know by experience that too much fun or food without self-restraint can lead to more suffering—especially when Saturn enters the picture. So take a few minutes to meditate every morning or evening to enjoy a calmer demeanor and choose your foods wisely.

6) Miracle making. 

Sometimes despite our best intentions, we lose focus and ignore the work we need to reach our goals. This is when Vedic rituals can be a win-win: you get your miracle without working, by delegating specialists who will pray for you and bring you good luck in finances or in any other pursuit. Then trust that your miracle is on its way—and this is probably the most important step. In fact, without faith positive change is slow in coming, whether you pray on your own or sign up for remedial rituals.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

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