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Deep down, you have the consciousness to make a lot of money; however, your mundane, rational brain believes in only making a small amount of money just to get by. For you, that is more important and real than living the dream of your heart.


The Enemy Keeping You from Manifesting Wealth

It’s not only your problem. This is the common problem for everyone. Everyone, at one level, wants to live a very affluent life, but ends up not being able to manifest it. Generally, that’s because of the problem of the Earth plane—the problem of the breath.

The breath that you breathe in is oxygen. It’s polluted by the atmosphere. It’s a very low level of vibration that brings mediocre thinking. All your thoughts come from the rational brain, from the low level of vibration of the Earth.

The oxygen becomes your thoughts because it carries a low-level vibration, and you’re not able to soar up to the level of your heart. The heart represents not oxygen, but prana mithrulu (life force energy). Your thinking must be assisted by prana, and not by oxygen or nostril breathing.

Most of the thoughts that you have—if not all—come from oxygen. You have to stop the process.

To fix the problem, I will give you a technique to stop mediocre thoughts and increase higher thoughts that help you manifest wealth


Charging Technique to Increase Your Prana Energy & Manifest Your Dreams

Step 1: Realize the Limitations of Oxygen Breathing

Oxygen activates the brain and keeps you alive. It also gives the brain mediocre thoughts. You need the brain to be energized by higher thoughts for which you need prana. The oxygen also has prana in it.

Without prana, nothing exists. Prana is everywhere. The plants and all creatures have prana. You need pranic thinking, or prana-based thinking. If you have that, then the nostril breathing will slow down.

Step 2: Examine Your Thoughts, Insecurities, & Anxiety

Examine your thoughts on a daily basis. See if you’re analyzing your thinking out of fear or anxiety. Fear, insecurity, and anxiety join together. They don’t allow unlimited thinking.

Step 3: Place Your Attention on the Nostrils Whenever Possible

Do this as often as possible each day.  When you put your attention on the nostrils, the nostril breathing will slow down. Pranic breathing techniques, which starts from the Navel Chakra, will send prana to the brain. Then the brain will be able to access prana more than oxygen. That prana will give you energy, thoughts, and opportunities.

Your thoughts come from your karma. The karma will not allow you to start a new life easily. It will keep coming to you. It will create insecurity and anxiety. These things belong to the karmic mind. The karmic mind is the mediocre mind.

Step 4: Observe Your Prana & Breath

Remember prana arising from the Navel Chakra, going through the heart, and then your brain. If you do that, then you will be able to break the old pattern.

Slowly, you will see that your thoughts change. Then you will be able to think bigger thoughts. You will also be able to attract bigger opportunities because you are assisted by prana, and prana is God.

Step 5 (Optional): Add the Shreem Brzee Wealth Mantra

You can combine this technique with Shreem Brzee. Put Shreem Brzee in your nostrils and your Navel Chakra. In the nostrils, it will block mediocre thoughts. In the navel, it will increase super thoughts. It will act differently in the nostrils and differently in the navel.

Say Shreem Brzee and it will go—with the prana—from the navel to the heart. From the heart, it will go to your brain.

Then, you put your attention on the nostrils and say Shreem Brzee. That will stop the low vibratory thoughts. If you do it all the time, then the changes will happen very quickly.


Why Some People Attract Money Naturally

Some people are able to attract a lot of money even though they’re not earning it. Maybe their father made it, or their spouse made it. It comes naturally as they are never without money.

In those cases, this technique is not necessary. They are doing the technique already, so you should practice it. After a while, thoughts of a higher nature will come to you by themselves assisted by prana and God.


Let the Practice Become Second Nature

The day will come when this practice becomes a part and parcel of your existence. Then it is no more a technique. It’s just you living. Otherwise, if you lack this consciousness, then you’ll need some other teaching to remove the bad karma first.

You had this consciousness at some point, but you forgot it. You can get it back.

Remember these teachings, and you won’t need anything else. You have a desire to help the world, and that’s why this teaching came to you. That’s Grace… but now you have to put it into action.

Once you do this technique, everything will come back. Not many people will respond to this teaching, but your heart and soul will respond to it, and it will change you.




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