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“I miss being in India during this time. I am like a fish out of water without breathing the air of the Yogis, Siddhas, and the Gods. I invite you to come to India, the land that remove sins.” – Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai has invited you to join him, during his birthday, on a trip to sacred city of temples in india. The three sites are Rameshwaram (his birthplace), Kumbakonam, and Thiruvannamalai. From January 30th until February 10th, he will be giving initiations (spiritual empowerments) and in-depth teachings at each of the sites.

Kumbakonam: The Temple Capital of the World

“Ancient temples are really repositories of hidden ancient teachings. They are very valuable, and [they] also work faster than any other techniques I have known.” — Dr. Pillai

Kumbakonam, Tamil, city of thousand temples than any other place on Earth. It is Dr. Pillai’s favorite place to go on retreats. You have to go there yourself to realize how powerful the Divine energy is there.

In Kumbakonam, the Gods and Goddesses share temples with the nine Planetary Archetypes, which represent time and karma. According to Dr. Pillai, the powerspots there will remove your unwanted karma, even if you don’t meditate or pray.

Dr. Pillai says, “There is a Deity, a Being, or a God, or an Angel, that presides over that particular Temple space, and you can get in touch with that energy so that helps you with the karma removal.”

While in Kumbakonam, it’s normal to feel the removal of karma and deep-rooted tension that has previously refused to budge, perhaps for lifetimes. There’s also a chance that you won’t feel it, but the Divine process is still happening behind the scenes of consciousness. You may notice the changes later on.

Receive Life-Changing Initiations & Teachings

Dr. Pillai has a very deep connection to each of powerspots on this trip. They are very empowering to him. This empowerment is contagious, and this allows him to transfer much of that power to you through Darshan (being in the presence of a Living Master).

For Dr. Pillai, it’s all about transforming the entire world into a joyful one that is free from karmic limitations. His connection to India, and sacred sites like Kumbakonam, help him realize this in reality.

In his words, “One of the reasons why I stay here in India, is I am able to connect with forces, and Beings who give me a greater understanding of how to transform the world into a plane of bliss so that we don’t have diseases, aging, and disappointment.”



Why Does Kumbakonam Have So Many Temples?

Kumbakonam was chosen to be the place where the world stared over after a cataclysm. Creator Archetype Brahma gathered all the wisdom of the world and put it in a pot. During a great flood, the pot was washed away. It broke in the area we now call Kumbakonam, and this created many powerspots.

For this reason, Kumbakonam has been blessed by Yogis and Saints for thousands of years.

“The temples where these energies are available are places chosen by Siddhas and Yogis. They gave all their power to that particular vortex, and the energy stays there in those vortices. That’s how it works. So, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of visiting temples.” – Dr. Pillai

There is Still Time to Join Dr. Pillai in Kumbakonam

If you would like to join Dr. Pillai’s 2018 birthday trip, you can visit the site below for more info.

Join Dr. Pillai at India’s Sacred Sites 

“It is very important that everyone should go. No amount of attending seminars or reading books will substitute the temple visits.” – Dr. Pillai


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