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Dr. Pillai is leading a trip to visit his birthplace, Rameshwaram, and other sacred sites in India. Learn about the world’s top karma-dissolving powerspot.

“I want to take you to places where you can cleanse yourself of your karma. One thing that we do is to go to the place where I was born, Rameshwaram, where you can wash away the sins committed in many, many past lifetimes, taking baths in twenty some wells.” – Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai is leading a trip to sacred powerspots in India on January 30th to February 10th, 2018, and you’re all invited.

Rameshwaram, India is his birthplace, and that’s where you will be on Dr. Pillai’s birthday, February 1st.

Rameshwaram is the top powerspot in the world for removing karma and the first destination of the trip. This sacred site has 22 wells, each of which dissolves a specific type of karma.

“If there is one vortex that removes karma, that is Rameshwaram,” he says. “It has so much power, and there are 22 wells in there that existed even before the Temple was built. The waters in the Rameshwaram Temple have the power to dissolve karma. That’s why it is called the ‘Sin-dissolving Rameshwaram’.”

Rameshwaram Gives Dr. Pillai Extra Power to Help You Remove Karma

Dr. Pillai has a powerful spiritual and emotional connection with this powerspot, and this power is contagious. In Rameshwaram, he is able to transfer much of it to you while in this inspired state.

“In India, at my birthplace, Rameshwaram, I am very happy to recall this day on which I was born, and rededicate myself to the purpose for which I was born,” he says. “What was the purpose for my birth? I clearly know now better than ever before that it is to end karma.”

What is Karma?

“Karma is the main theme of this program that I am doing in India.” – Dr. Pillai

About karma, he says, “Karma is your thinking, and through your thinking you are creating everything, your diseases, health, your relationships, or lack of relationship,” he says. “When I say that I came here to this earth plane to change the karma of people, what it means is to change the way that people think.”


He elaborates, “We create karma. Nothing takes place in your life, unless you think a thought, either consciously, unconsciously, or subconsciously, and that’s how we create karma… If you can control that thought process, then you will see that you are the creator of your own reality.”

“Thoughts are taking place on a cellular level, and also on a memory level, within the brain. All of this can be changed,” he says.

Rameshwaram Has the Power to Effect Deep-Rooted Changes in Karma

“At Rameshwaram, there is special hydrogen in this water, and this water will wash the negative thoughts, not only in the brain, but also in the DNA, and even beyond in the nucleotides.”– Dr. Pillai

The 22 karma-dissolving wells existed before the temple was built, and it’s the reason the temple was built. On his birthday trip, Dr. Pillai will lead you on a tour of the temple and the 22 wells. You will even have a chance to bathe in these wells.

Rameshwaram is just one stop out of three major sacred powerspots in India.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai

To learn more or join the trip to sacred sites in India, visit

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