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How would you feel if you knew that powerful celestial helpers were about to bring you supernormal intelligence and abundant gold?

This fairytale scenario is not too far-fetched when you learn Vedic astrology—the study of time, celestial bodies, human consciousness and their connection with your life.

Vedic astrology has been used in India for over 3,000 years. Today, after extensive governmental research and several court rulings, this predictive system is considered a science and taught in Indian universities.

The planets are said to create events in human lives. Moreover, the ancient Rishis or sages realized that the accumulation of wealth was accelerated by special astronomical events.

The Sun, for example, was believed to be a wealth-producing luminary, particularly when it moved into one of the four fixed signs of the zodiac (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

One such auspicious time begins on November 16 when the Sun moves to sidereal Scorpio.

This special wealth portal called Vishnupati will remain open for only 48 hours. It’s a time when Lord Vishnu, a benevolent archetype and universal sustainer, is believed to give immense wealth to those who invoke him.

So you don’t want to miss this opportunity! Below, you’ll learn how to stop scarcity, silence your inner skeptic, receive money miracles and secure lasting wealth—all in three easy steps.

1. Deep investigation into your soul

In addition to being a life-giving luminary, the Sun is considered one of the nine Vedic planets and the supremely reining soul of all individuals.

Of course, many people seldom think of the soul, and some even doubt its existence.

Traditionally, the yogis used special techniques to learn about the soul—which they considered the initial cause of all our experiences, including wealth or poverty.

Regular self-inquiry through meditation techniques can identify the hidden reasons for your struggles, and solve the mysteries of your likes, dislikes, victories and failures.

Also, Scorpio is a perfect ground for investigation into life’s many mysteries: mysticism, the cycles of birth and rebirth, the deeply influential yet little understood subconscious mind, and more.

The Sun’s Gayatri mantra is said to be a set of super sounds that promote better intelligence, and give you  heightened awareness of your higher self and your unique place in the cosmos.

Try this

  • Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Listen to this recording of the Gayatri mantra and visualize white light in your eyes.
  • You can also chant along mentally or aloud. Below are the lyrics:

Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyoyona Prachodayat

  • Mentally move to your brain. Visualize brilliant white light in the brain.
  • Now, in your inner eye, see the light spread all over your body and everywhere in your environment.
  • When you’re ready, relax, and open your eyes.

2. Wealth technology

Dr. Pillai uses traditional sound technology and the powerful vibrations of Vedic mantras to help you shift your consciousness and receive miracles.

  • Recite the sounds to invoke the Sun being 108

times on Sundays—OM SURYAYA NAMAHA. Ask for higher intelligence, evolution, wealth and well-being. Thank the Sun.

  • Recite OM NAMO NARAYANAYA the sounds to invoke Vishnu 108 times on November 16-17, the hours of Vishnupati. Ask for a money miracle. Thank Lord Vishnu.
  • You can also recite OM NAMO NARAYANAYA on Wednesdays or during the Mercury hora—check and download the AstroVed Hora Watch app to learn about the hourly planetary rulers.  

3. Access to heavenly riches

Dr. Pillai teaches that although we cannot see celestial beings such as Vishnu or Lakshmi, they exist in the subtle planes and want to help us.




Due to our sensorial limitations, we need traditional, scientific steps to connect with archetypal beings of power and wealth.

The Vedic Rishis believed that fire ceremonies gave access to celestial beings and that Vishnu could end financial struggles.

When invoked through Vedic chants and offerings in a fire ritual, Vishnu can change your consciousness and come to the rescue of your finances.

You can sponsor a fire ritual or Fire Lab to Vishnu remotely. This ceremony will be performed on your behalf through powerful by-proxy technology.


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.

Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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