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Without faith we become depressed, says Dr. Pillai. We may even fall deeply into the intellectual and rational traps of logic and limitation—states of mind often devoid of higher truth.

Jupiter with his larger than life influence takes you to the higher realms of knowledge to include space or the highest possible intelligence—according to the Siddhas and Rishis and the classics of jupiter in virgo vedic astrology.

On August 11, Jupiter enters into Virgo, sign of Mercury, to stay for an entire year.

It goes without saying that every planet has its pros and cons and Jupiter is no exception. Yet having a benefic Jupiter in your chart can save the day and a life, too.

As the ultimate benefic planet, Jupiter can remove pessimism, grant hope, bestow a desire for a pure and noble life and bring you creativity, children, wealth and good fortune.

For the past year or so, life has been difficult for most since Jupiter’s freedom to act was blocked by Saturn and swayed by the excessively desire-driven shadow planet Rahu.

So to make the best of Jupiter in the Mercurial sign of Virgo—the domain for health, research, detailed analysis, lab science, skepticism, math, litigation, data-driven work and business—here for you three easy-to-implement tips to bliss and inspiration, business luck and successful studies.

41. Ban scarcity thinking for jupiter in virgo luck in business

Parashara, one of the fathers of Vedic astrology, says that Virgo “has grains and fire in its hands,” and belongs to the business community.

This shows that Jupiter in Virgo can favor your business and improve your analytical skills for data and financial transactions. Both Jupiter and Mercury (ruler of Virgo) are money planets and their association will make you more wealth conscious.

While Virgo brings a tendency to worry about health and money, optimistic Jupiter can greatly improve both your mood and finances.

2. Think “well-being”

Putting your attention on your health can heal you and bring you opportunities for connecting you with the right doctor, nutritionist, or holistic practitioner.

“Where your attention goes, there goes your energy,” is a well-known yogic saying.

Have you been feeling unwell recently? Your renewed interest in health and nutrition can now turn things around and restore your joy of life.

3. Remedies from the Rishis

Vedic astrology is remedial. In fact, there’s barely enough space here to mention all the traditional steps revealed by the Siddhas and Rishis that can defuse dark energies and bring you money, love and good health.

As usual, I’ll mention the most powerful ones.

  • Reciting the Jupiter mantra (or special vibrational sounds that can change your consciousness) on Thursdays or in the Jupiter hora, will attract Jupiterian good luck and inspiration.

Say these sounds mentally or aloud 108 times: OM GURAVE NAMAHA

  • Fire Labs to Jupiter, Shiva and Mercury are the divinely conceived steps to transform lives permanently—tell us the vedic virgo scriptures.

Enjoy the energies!

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