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In Vedic astrology, some planetary events are so huge and full of ramifications that you can’t simply ignore them.

As it happens only every 12 years, Jupiter retrograding in Virgo is one such event.

Usually, when this large planet travels in Virgo your health and the healing arts take center stage.

Each celestial body is a massive source of consciousness and holds definite characteristics. And Jupiter is a planet that can expand your thinking as well as your wealth. This is the planet of utter positivity.

But Jupiter’s buoyancy is dimmed as it retrogrades under Saturn’s influence, and your optimism and trust have likely been tested.

In fact, Saturn’s gaze on Jupiter in Virgo can help you become more cautious with your health—so you’ll take better care of yourself.

And, of course, we need plenty of health to get our work done and reach our goals.

Saturn is also pushing you to look at the fine print, just so you don’t overlook important details.

Have you been worrying about time passing and not finishing your projects? These concerns can actually be good for you for a change, as meeting deadlines in your profession when Jupiter is in Virgo will help you succeed.

So because losing hope isn’t an option and you deserve to be happy, abundant and optimistic, here for you—three easy steps to restore your joviality and fix your finances. The ensuing contentment will catapult you into the realm of infinite possibilities.

Blind trust

When we give in to fears, we lose trust in our capacities. And it goes without saying that when we don’t trust ourselves we fall into the trap of scarcity thinking.

According to the yogis and Siddhas, the most effective way to think abundant and wealth-building thoughts is a mantra—a sound technology for protecting the mind from all kinds of negativity.

Recite OM GURAVE NAMAHA, the Jupiter mantra, 108 times on Thursdays or in the Jupiter hora (check the AstroVed Hora Watch app).

By connecting with Jupiter with this mantra, your optimism will return and you’ll trust yourself again.

You’ll also realize that there’s a higher Source of abundance that never leaves us as long as we stay alert and positive.

Expand your wealth

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is considered a dhana karaka—meaning one of major planetary sources of wealth.

As Jupiter looks at Venus—the other main dhana karaka—until May 30, your chances for growing your finances are magnified.

This lovely Venus in Pisces will highlight all the pure ways we can benefit ourselves while helping others, contributing to a better world for all. So it’s a win-win.

Invoke Goddess Lakshmi—a benevolent archetype of wealth, as well as the guardian of Venus.


SHREEM is her mantra. Reciting it 108 times on Fridays is believed to bring you financial boons and beautiful homes, cars, travels and everything else you might wish for.

All kinds of miracles

It can’t be overstated—changing our karma without spiritual technology is very difficult.

When dealing with very stubborn financial and career problems, the best option is turning to a Vedic specialist.

Sponsoring and participating in fire rituals (or Fire Labs as Dr. Pillai has renamed them) to Jupiter, Venus and Lakshmi are traditional steps to turning your life around 180 degrees for the better. Getting more cash, buying a home or a new car or getting the job of your dreams are some typical results.

by Lalitha Devi

Lalitha Devi is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and certified Vedic astrologer.

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