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Karthiga Deepam Festival

“Light is consciousness, intelligence and energy. The more inner light and energy you have, the less limitations you have. Increased awareness liberates you from ego, selfishness, ignorant thoughts and bad decision making.” – Dr. Pillai

Deepam is the Festival of Lights celebrated in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, two states in India, and in Sri Lanka as well. It falls during the Tamil month of Karthigai (mid-November to mid-December). The center of the action is Arunachala, the mountain that is said to be Shiva, the Ultimate Archetype of Karma Removal, in his infinite fire form.

During Deepam, people light oil lamps, and Arunachala glows with a large bonfire. The lamps and bonfires symbolize the triumph of light over ignorance, greed, karma, and illusion. This year, Deepam coincides with the Full Moon, and this is believed to greatly enhance the blessings of both powertimes.


The Two Archetypes of Deepam


Deepam celebrates the scriptural tale about when Shiva appeared to the two other Archetypes of the Trinity, Brahma (creation) and Vishnu (material comforts and duties), as the infinite fire. He dared them to determine where the fire began and ended. They could not, and then they realized Shiva was indeed the Supreme Being.


During Karthigai Deepam, Muruga was born as six sparks that flew out of Shiva’s 3rd Eye. They turned into six babies. Parvati, Shiva’s wife, combined them into one baby.

Muruga is often depicted with six heads, each standing for a different part of the brain. Muruga is the Spiritual Warrior Archetype who represents the awakening of the brain and 3rd Eye and the conquering of internal enemies and darkness.

His mighty weapon is the Vel (lance, sword), which represents spiritual intelligence that conquers karma, greed, and ignorance.


  • Arunachala is believed to have existed in all the four yugas (time cycles).
  • One might come across Shiva temples on a hill or mountain but this very mountain itself is considered as Shiva himself.
  • The mountain is also known as Sonachalam and Annamalai
  • There are hundreds of Jeeva samadhis near the mountain.
  • Arunachala is believed to attract spiritual seekers towards it.
  • It is believed that those who are born in Tiruvarur, dying in Varanasi, living in Kanchipuram and having darshan at Chidambaram will attain Mukthi/Liberation. Whereas, the very thought of Arunachala (Smaranath Arunachala) can provide Mukthi or Liberation.
  • Girivalam or Circumambulation of the Arunachala Mountain is considered very auspicious.
  • Though Girivalam can be done on all days, circumambulation during Full Moon days and New Moon days is considered very special.
  • The devotees chant ‘Annamalaikku Aroharo’ during girivalam and while having Shiva’s darshan at the temple.
  • The temple is located very close to the Arunachala Mountain.
  • The temple has four tall gopurams on four sides. Of the four gopurams, the Rajagopuram is 217ft high and is one of the tallest in India.
  • Shiva is known as Annamalaiyar and Arunachaleswara and goddess Parvati is known as Unnamulai amman or Abhijagujambika.
  • The temple is one of the 276 padal petra sthalams and was praised by saints Thirugnanasambandar, Thirunavukarasar, Manickavasagar, Arunagirinathar and many others.
  • The shrines of Ganesha and Muruga too are famous.
  • Arunachaleswara temple is one amongst the seven aathara sthalams denoting the Kundalini Sakthi Chakras and represent the Manipura chankra.
  • The temple is also one of the pancha bhoota sthalams and represents Fire.
  • The temple is also one of the Sakthi peeths.
  • Goddess Parvati performed penance towards Shiva and got half of his body.


Use Muruga’s mantra: Saravana Bhava. It’s pronounced Sah Rah Vah Nah Bah Vah. It invokes Muruga and the power of his Vel. People use it for dissolving all types of karma and for developing spiritual intelligence.

Use Shiva’s Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya. It’s pronounced ohm NAH-mah shee-VAH-yah. It invokes Shiva’s transcendent awareness and helps dissolve karma.

Activate your Light Body with a mantra: Arul Perum Jyoti. Arul is pronounced as not quite AH-rool and not quite AH-root. The “l” in Arul is like a British rock star’s pronunciation of the missing “t” in “heavy me’al music.” Perum Jyoti is pronounced PAY-room JOH-tee.


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  • Pillai’s Deepam Blessings
  • Muruga’s Yoga
  • Rejuvenation of the Mind, Body & Soul

“The significance of the upcoming Krittika star Full Moon (Deepam) is, this is the time for rebirth. You can be reborn on this day. Reborn at the level of the body, mind, and soul. Muruga’s Yoga is the one that gives us liberation from the body. We are deluded by the body and the senses, giving temporary pleasures of food, sex, smell, touch, etc. They are fleeting. It does not have to be that way – that is the teaching of Muruga.

Two Meditations for Transformation

“I am going to teach two meditations on the very sacred night of Muruga. One on the tongue. The tongue is in the shape of the Vel.  I will add to the vel meditation on the tongue with another meditation that Swami Ramalingam taught. That is the meditation where you move your energy from the navel chakra to the third eye.

Muruga’s Miracle for Devotees

“These two mediations are meant for the transformation of the body, mind, and soul. To do these meditations and practice them is very, very precious for me and for everyone, for the Siddhas, for the masters, who are coming down to this Earth plane, where Muruga is doing this miracle for the sake of his devotees. I look forward to teaching you the meditations on Deepam day. God bless.” – Dr. Pillai


Muruga’s Secret Connection to Deepam

“This is the age of Muruga. He will be available to help people to reduce their suffering, to remove their ignorance and give them bliss, and that is Muruga.” – Dr. Pillai

Karthigai Deepam is a once-a-year Full Moon traditionally celebrated by the famous lighting of the fire at the top of the Tiruvannamalai, also known as Mt. Arunachala. According to the Siddhas, the fire is associated with the light of Lord Muruga, the King of Tiruvannamalai, and the personification of Arul Jyothi, the Grace Light. The fire is lit when the light of the star which is considered to be Muruga, Kritika also known as Alcyone, is in a special alignment with the earth plane during the Full Moon.