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Astroved Astrologer, Mike Mulloy, on the speed and value of Archetypes

Namaste Everyone!

Dr. Pillai has been sharing insights into the power of archetypes (Divine Beings), many of whom are returning to this world to usher in the Golden Age. Upon their return, there are optimal astrological time windows for connecting with them.

The birthday of an archetype (the day they descend into the earth plane) is when they are usually the most accessible. We can make BIG changes, fast…sometimes on the same day with their help. A little initiative can go a long way

Tips to connect with an archetype on their birthday:

  • Visualize the archetype or gaze on their likeness using a picture or statue
  • Make an offering next to the picture of fruit/nuts, water, candle and incense
  • Have specific goals in mind that you would like to achieve or could use help with
  • Surrender your judgments and open to allowing their divine energy to assist you
  • Chant seed sounds of their mantra 9, 27, 108, or 1008 times (as time permits)
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