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pcblog post 6-22-2015 - difficult meeting mars gemini

While we may not be aware of explosive supernovas, we will definitely hear Mars in Gemini. In fact, he is already emitting loud sounds in a most communicative sign—Gemini—where he will stay between June 15 and July 30.

This red planet just got away from the influence of inimical Saturn. This is great news! Additionally, Mars is now with a best friend—the Sun.

But there is some need for caution in the next few weeks until Mars, planet of action and aggression, is far enough to regain control of his own energy. In fact, he is now in a state of combustion—and this means that the energy in Gemini may get just too tense for easy communication.

So without any further ado, read nine easy tips to maximize the good influence of this planetary powerhouse, add strength to your projects—minus some potential risks.

 1. Out the drawer

If you have been procrastinating the completion of a writing project, Mars will help you with new determination.

2. Marketing and PR galore

It’s all about effective communication, whether you want a Nobel Prize in literature or more simply sell your products. Either way, Mars will strengthen your resolve.

3. Double proof

Speed and aggressiveness in communication can cause some embarrassment, so take your time and make sure that your message is effective yet appropriate.

4. Listen more

Sometimes listening is the best form of communication. Egoistic, one-way communication usually doesn’t yield best results. Make sure the other party gets time for self-expression, too.

5. Soften your speech

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’ spells the saying, but this time we might have to disregard this logic. Sweet speech is a winner when people will seem extra touchy during the next two weeks due to an overheated Mars.

congrats business

6. Win-win

Mars likes a good win. We all do. But winning the proverbial battle and losing the war at work will not make you happy. So be aware of your coworkers’ needs and at home do your best to compromise.

7. Courageous communication

Yes, we need courage in life to make a living and for our spiritual practices too. But Mars in Gemini may acquire volatile energy in a contradictory way. You might find yourself defending your ideas and at the same time getting angry when others take you seriously. Use your courage only to report what is truly important and be diplomatic with minor issues.

8. Celestial rescue team

Muruga is the overlord, or ruler, of Mars. He is a Pleiadian God—not just an archetypal force. He can help you with super-intelligent sounds such as OM, of which he is the supreme teacher. You can also add some sound waves that will attract his superpowers—OM SHA RA VA NA BA VA YA NAMAHA. Or simply, SHARAVANABAVA.

Hanuman is another celestial being who can help when Mars is causing trouble. The sound vibrations to invoke him are: OM HANUMATE NAMAHA.

 9. Planetary remedies

Specific rituals can defuse the negative effects of all planets and Mars is no exception. Signing up for specialized fire labs of other rituals in honor of Muruga, Hanuman or Mars can go a long way to restore peace, gains and save relationships.

On Tuesdays, recite Mars’ special sounds, OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA, to calm your energy and direct it to productive activities.

Enjoy the energies!

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