Mars in Libra: Relationship Happiness in 3 Jolly Steps


“All you need is love,” spoke the Beatles in a popular song that warmed millions of hearts worldwide in the sixties.

Clearly, the incredible success of the song stemmed from our fundamental desires for love and connection.

And if you’ve been wondering how to fix a relationship, bridge differences, and form a loving alliance with someone, now you might be in luck.

According to Vedic astrology, in fact, courageous, strong and action oriented Mars has just entered a sector of the sky called Libra or Tula—the natural seventh house overseeing relationships, fairness, contracts, diplomacy, commitments, social life, and all ‘others’ in your life.

Mars will remain in Libra until January 16 (Jan. 17 IST). This planet of passion, initiative and energy will also be adding much stamina to your holiday drive to buy gifts, host parties, decorate your home, and communicate with faraway loved ones.

Parashara, who lived over 3,000 years ago, was one of the early teachers of Vedic astrology, a Rishi or intuitive seer and a gifted astronomer. He realized there was a deep connection between celestial bodies and human life.

He also considered Libra a masculine sign driven by desire and representative of the working classes (or Shudras).

Libra points to our need to choose a partner, get along with all, be fair, prefer niceties over debate, avoid war by using diplomacy, and enjoy life through connections with others.

Dr. Pillai says that life is nothing but a series of relationships with the many people who touch our lives. And learning how to improve or form harmonious connections is paramount for our happiness and growth on the earth plane.

So to right a wrong, extend a hand, secure win-win contracts, love your enemy, end rivalries and bring back love into your life, here for you—three time-tested ways to enjoy your time on earth and lighten your heavy heart. Happy Holidays!



1. It takes two

Venus, the ruler of Libra, is now traveling in intense and emotional Scorpio, a sign of Mars. This means that Venus is taking on some of Mars’ characteristics, while Mars is softer and acting more like Venus.

So Mars will lose its aggressiveness and turn more balanced, while Venus will simultaneously acquire a passionate outlook.

This beneficial planetary exchange is called parivarthana yoga, which will go a long way to save the holiday party season, avoid confrontation and stop rivalry.

Much needed diplomacy, too, will be successfully pursued, and we’ll experience more traditional holiday peace-making.

After December 20, Venus will move to Sagittarius and Mars will benefit from a higher and more spiritual perspective.

Try this

  • Focus on long-term harmony over momentary irritation.
  • Fall in love and trust your feelings.
  • Avoid excessive small talk. Venus in antennae-equipped Scorpio will want genuine connections, and Mars now depends on loving Venus for its marching orders.
  • Be generous—after all, Mars can be truly large hearted.
  • Do not hold back your compliments and appreciation of others.
  • If possible, donate money or food to poor children and adults. Generosity and compassion are the highest expressions of our intelligence and humanness. And besides the fuzzy, warm feelings that helping others can bring you, you’ll also acquire good karma—a prerequisite for a pure mind that creates happiness, wealth, bliss, and a closer connection to the Divine.

2. Happiness through sound frequencies

Even scientists now agree with the ancient yogis that some sounds activate specific areas of the brain. The yogis associated these brain areas with supernormal powers that help you reach your goals and experience joy.

  • Recite OM SHARAVANA BAVAYA NAMAHA 108 times to connect with Muruga, a celestial archetype and spiritual warrior who is the overlord of Mars. Ask him to remove negative energy from Mars.
  • Recite OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA 108 times to invoke Mars for courage and energy.
  • Recite OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA 108 times to honor the planet of love, Venus, to improve all your relationships and refine Mars’ touch.

3. Ultimate Vedic technology 

Mars can be forceful and harm relationships.

Performing Vedic fire ceremonies—involving offerings of flowers, precious woods, clarified butter, milk, rice, and herbs and traditional chants—is said to open divine portals to access relationship harmony, and a loving, happy marriage.

Both sponsoring these rituals and donating money or food to the underprivileged are believed to bring you abundance and personal happiness.


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.


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