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October brings so many energetic shifts that come November, your life might seem unrecognizable.

In fact, four out of the nine Vedic planets move to new signs this month, and will be influencing important areas of your life.

Mars will enter Virgo on October 13 (EDT, IST) and will remain in this Mercury-ruled sign until November 29. 

According to Vedic astrology, Mars brings you physical energy and strength and the needed courage to act at the right time. Moreover, Mars grants victory over procrastination—one of our main reasons for failure.

The Red Planet can also help you vanquish both your inner and outer enemies.

Traditionally, having a strong Mars in your birth chart is considered a blessing, because to achieve success we need strength, courage to protect our higher principles and loved ones, and timely action.

Passion is also a great motivator in goal setting, brings achievements, and is a major ingredient for success.

Clearly, a passionate attitude has the potential to bring you an exciting and adventurous life. And Mars is the planet of passion.

You’ll likely put tons of stamina and initiative in the area of your life ruled by Mars (check your birth chart for the house placement of Mars or ask an astrologer)—be it money, spirituality, relationships, family, children, work, studies, health, or anything else.

So to make the best of this planetary powerhouse, here for you—three easy steps to change a blah job or poor finances into a better picture, and experience both excitement and success. Thanks to Mars, your life won’t be boring!

1. Positive communication

Needless to say, marketing and business require determination and implementation to ensure success. But Mars in Virgo can be too impulsive. And since the recipients of our messages will be humans, you might need to avoid aggressive tactics.

Some ancient Rishis were spiritual warriors—self-defense and protection of the weak were needed in spiritual hermitages and cities alike. The two great Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, tell of many divine beings fighting and winning against demons that infested lands and harmed innocent people.

Mars is a spiritual warrior. Virgo is one of the domains of communicative and detail-oriented Mercury. There’s now a risk of aggressive criticism, which can backfire—as the law of cause and effect or karma teaches.

While putting energy into your goals and daily projects is necessary, criticizing loved ones or coworkers can destroy relationships.

On the bright side, Mars will be crossing three constellations or nakshatras ruled by friendly planets.

  • Uttara Phalguni(Uttaraphalguni), ruled by the Sun, which gives capabilities for leadership and brings honor in society.
  • Hasta, ruled by the Moon, which indicates artisanal mastery.
  • Chitra, Mars’ own nakshatra, which grants charm and beautiful design skills.

You can best use Mars’ energy to discipline yourself and bring positive change to your business, finances, creative projects and even health.


2. Sounds as celestial tools

Virgo is a gentle and dual sign—which brings interests in learning, research, teaching, communication and writing. Virgo is open to new ideas and patiently approaches both business and work projects.

This is also an earth sign that is incredibly practical and very appreciative of material security.

Mars is fast, but Virgo doesn’t offer ground for speed. Patience, in fact, is one of Virgo’s strengths.

You can still benefit from putting energy in your speech and writing, accounting, legal profession, real estate sales, media, or engineering profession.


  • Slow down your communication and be extra considerate of others, again avoiding criticism (one of Virgo’s tendencies) and using gentle speech.
  • If you’re undergoing the Maha Dasha or Major Period of Mars (ask your Vedic astrologer), you might need to be cautious in both your communication and investments.
  • For Mars’ Moon signs Aries and Scorpio—this will be a very positive transit in the 6th and 11th houses, respectively. Victory over competition, well-being, and support from coworkers and networks will be some results.
  • For all—reciting the traditional sounds for Mars OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Tuesdays, and during the Mars hora will help you improve your physical strength and increase your motivation. Mars can also help you take passionate actions to complete your projects and improve your health or fitness routine. These sounds can also defuse tension at work or in a relationship, and can even support you in legal matters.
  • Muruga, is Mars’ overlord and a celestial archetype that gives you the courage to do good, and helps you win over dark forces. Invoke him with his special sounds OM SHARAVANA BHAVAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Tuesdays, on the 6th Moon phases, and during the Mars hora. Muruga is also believed to improve the results of a malefic Mars in one’s chart.

3. Divine intervention

Traditional Vedic ceremonies to Mars, Muruga and Hanuman are said to bring you miracles in the main domains of Mars—wealth from real estate, athletic mastery, success in surgery and industrial engineering.

As Dr. Pillai teaches—Fire Labs or fire ceremonies are the most powerful remedies to fix all aspects of your life. Both celestial bodies and divine beings are believed to respond to your pleas and intervene on your behalf thanks to these traditional rituals.


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi

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