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The terms uccha and Budha make no sense to most people, yet when you’ll learn what they mean, you’ll be ready to cheer.

In Vedic astrology, in fact, when intellectual Mercury (or Budha) enters Virgo, its sign of strength and exaltation, you can expect exceptional clarity and a sudden genius for detail.

Mercury will enter sidereal Virgo on September 26 ET—September 27 IST—and will remain in this sign of excellence until October 13.

And since we’re all more or less connected to some media outlet or communication device, this is globally good news.

So to make the best of this exceptional yet short time window, here for you the three top reasons your everyday communication, cash money and entrepreneurial spirit will soar to new levels.

Benefits of analytical skills

The Jataka Parijata—one of the classics of Vedic astrology—teaches that Mercury is a “boy” and the ruler of one of the four Vedas, the Atharva Veda. So his expertise is to give you directions for everyday life through healing and magic.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in a sea of details, business impasse or writer’s block—now you’ll move forward with new knowledge and speed. You’ll love the results.

Mercury in Virgo is very intelligent and your capacity to address what recently had you run for cover will make you smile.

Until September 25, an excess of frustration due to Saturn’s influence on the planets in Leo (Mercury, Mars and Venus) might have frozen your creativity despite your incredibly hard work.

Now Mercury and the Sun together will form a Budh-Aditya yoga or a desirable union that brings you more intelligence, success through calculations, medical businesses, healing practices, a possible victory or an agreeable resolution in a long-time litigation, and more.




Expect your enterprise to take off as you finally realize how to handle some finer business tactics.

The money planet

According to research into the astronomical-astrological reasons that make people rich—Mercury was the single, most influential planet.

In the birth chart of multi-billionaire Warren Buffet, Mercury is in Virgo—so exceptionally strong.

This very charitable individual surprised the masses when it was revealed that he still lived in his old, rather normal house worth .001 percent of his fortune—according to Business Insider.

Instead, he has given more than half of his wealth to charity.

Mercury in Virgo is ingenious yet humble. His masterly skills in speaking and writing makes one stand out in a crowd. It also brings a flair for immense productivity and profit.

To maximize Mercury’s practical and beneficial effects on your finances and communication, recite the traditional sounds for Mercury—OM BHUDAYA NAMAHA—108 times on Wednesday or during the Mercury hora.

Dr. Pillai says that mantras are the building blocks of matter. So the mantra of Mercury is said to improve your verbal and written skills, along with your mathematical and business capabilities.

Fire up your success

Mercury is a hot planet and the only one capable of withstanding the Sun’s heat without much damage to its astrological results. The Sun purifies Mercury’s intelligence.

If you need to improve your income, revenue or communication, the remedial side of Vedic astrology can help you.

A traditional Vedic ceremony that includes mantra chanting and fire is said to bring you miracles from Mercury and Vishnu, the celestial archetype of immense wealth. This remedial fire ritual is believed to bring success in both business and finance.


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.

Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi

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