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Whether we like it, dismiss it or dread it, Mercury is again retrograde until June 11.

We are independent, modern people and often try to will away the influence of the planets—but we are more affected than we know. In fact, even stardust, dwarf planets, solar flares and everything else has an impact on our consciousness. Scientists are discovering this with quantum physics, the yogis knew it, Greek philosophers understood it, and even a famous quote by Leonardo da Vinci summarized it: “Everything is connected with everything and anything.”

But more than anything, the nine Vedic planets closest to Earth (seven actual planets and two lunar nodes) are the most influential.

So, does Mercury retrograde affect us? Absolutely. But we are not victims and in fact, our free will coupled with astrological knowledge can rescue us from mistakes, delays and other predicaments.

Here are 6 techniques to make sure you don’t suffer from any of the disruptions usually caused by this less-than-ideal transit.

1. Not the end of the world

Being passionate about astrology, for years I’ve been alert during Mercury retrogrades bracing myself for computer breakdowns. Happily, I never experienced anything like that. And I never lost a file.

However, it’s a good idea to save your passwords in a safe place and keep another copy of important contacts handy—I bought a new phone in a retrograde and lost all my contacts and other information when it went blank—I mean totally dead. I was very glad when I retrieved the content the next day (despite other problems). So, everything will turn out fine in most cases.

2. A delay can work in your favor

Have you ever had to postpone a trip, a meeting, or even writing a report, only to discover that an unexpected delay gave you an opportunity to revise your work and improve it? This is often the case when Mercury is retrograde: re-thinking, re-vising, re-working are antidotes to our constant rushing. Our work can then benefit.

daydream mercury

3. Enjoy some daydreaming

Let’s be honest, we like daydreaming—yet seldom admit it. We feel guilty wasting time that could be used to tackle our to-do list. So while our ordinary communication gets stuck, we can just give ourselves permission to take a break and daydream about what we truly want. That is precisely how we manifest our dreams—we imagine them, visualize them, enjoy them in our minds, and then realize them.

4. Create beauty

Mercury in Taurus—retrograde or not—is still exchanging signs with Venus in Gemini, making this a highly creative time. Poetry, painting, book or blog writing, sculpting and all art media can now turn into lovely artworks. Unlike some contemporary art exploring dramatic themes or politics, your creations will be aesthetically beautiful, thanks to the influence of Venus.

5. Connect and network

This is a time for ending procrastination. If you have been meaning to network or learn something new, this is a perfect opportunity. Often unforeseen circumstances (typical of Mercury retrogrades) push us out of our comfort zone. Perhaps you can now research a subject that you’ve put aside. Mars’ notoriously pushy energy, now influencing Mercury, will help you to take action.

6. Celestial communication

The odds will be in your favor when you connect with Mercury meditating on his form: a male being dressed in green robes. Talk to him, ask for help. Repeat his special sound waves—OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA.

Devotion to a planet’s overlord can help immensely: you can ask Vishnu to remove difficulties caused by Mercury. Call on Vishnu with his sound vibrations—OM NAMO NARAYANAYA.

Enjoy the energies!

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