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Have you been happy lately? If you can’t characterize your experience that way, then perhaps you’ll be glad to learn that both Mercury and Venus are moving. With some guidance, you can finally benefit from their transits and forget the past.

On March 8th, Mercury entered egalitarian and mass-oriented Aquarius, while the planet of love, Venus, will leave Pisces and go into Aries—sign of Mars—on March 12th.

How these changes will affect you largely depends on your personal chart—however, for remedies and guidelines to make the best of their energies, read the five steps below and be prepared.

It’s not personal anymore. In Capricorn, Mercury was focused on practical and material goals to increase wealth and his communication was both cautious and serious. But this planet’s interests are about to expand to include the media and the public at large. Now, it’s all about working for future generations and communicating effectively with this in mind. Include these themes in your work to expand your business with the help of Mercury. Chant OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA for a better connection with Mercury in Aquarius.

Too hot to handle. Together, Venus and Mars make sparks—because their respective realms are at odds with each other. And Venus is moving to an adventurous sign ruled by Mars.

So if you are in a relationship, you must exercise utmost care to avoid fighting. You will feel more independent and less inhibited in seeking relationships—but you must avoid impulsivity in making decisions. Infatuation is a possibility with this transit, so slowing down is a must.

Match made in the gym. Practicing sports or working out with your partner will go a long way to avoid conflict—and you will enjoy getting fit together. In a match, compete for fun and not to win and your relationship will benefit from this relaxed attitude. Defuse a possible argument with the sounds of Venus: OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA.

Think like a historian. If you are writing a history book, your ideas will receive a boost from Mercury in Aquarius. You’ll be able to analyze data and statistics with aplomb. But if you are simply working in a business or a technological field, you will still acquire a refreshing new perspective that focuses on social improvements. Chant the sounds to pacify the ruler of Aquarius, Saturn: OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA.

It’s all red. You can now buy some becoming athletic clothes with the help of Venus—if you like red, it’s a good time to choose this hue. You could find that even if you have never considered buying a red car before, this color is now looking irresistible. Attractive new running shoes will combine the energies of Mars and Venus to make your workout more desirable.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi

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