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Mystery School: Evolve Your Consciousness & Identity with God

Mankind should stop suffering. The human race has been suffering for such a long time because our attention has only ever been focused on the external world. As human beings we have rarely gone inward.

There is deep wisdom within the flesh; we need to come to our senses and feel it  

It took thousands of years for us to evolve to such an advanced stage, but we have never used the spiritual wisdom of the Chakras—the parts of us which are of non-mind, non-science, and non-technology even though they are there to help us evolve further.

When looking into the future, man is excited at the prospect of going to Mars, but we also have the ability to go inward and gain understanding of not only Mars but the entire galaxy. The Yogis and Mystics are people from different traditions who have acquired this knowledge and want to share it with us.

Meditation and meditation apps are good if they are used correctly. Meditating is not about spending a few minutes in silence. It is about understanding our own consciousness and our identity with God.

It is important to remember Jesus’ words: “I want you to become miracle makers, just as I am.” We never explore this part of our existence.

Silence and Self-Observation

The most important aspect of meditation is silence: maintaining silence and allowing mantras to emerge from the Chakras. Meditation is not about setting aside 20 to 40 minutes of silence per day and then delving back into Maya for the rest of the time. We need to dedicate our entire life to self-realization or we will waste precious time—time that we have been given while we are here on Earth. When we continue to live the same existence over and over, we continue to come back until we finally surrender to God.

– Dr. Pillai


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