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Powertime: 9 Nights of the Goddess (Navaratri) Ends Soon

“If you don’t have miracles in your life, it is because you have failed to recognize the Goddess.

She’s here already as an archetypal presence in your unconscious.” – Dr Pillai


According to tradition, the Goddess descends to the Earth plane in 9 forms to vanquish negative energy and help you manifest wealth, health, love, and other desires. She does this in the autumn and spring for 9 nights each. In India, this period is known as Navaratri.

The final three of 9 Nights of the Goddess are this Tuesday through Friday PDT . The final nights are devoted to Saraswati. She’s believed to govern higher spiritual intelligence, wisdom, the intellect, and the arts. We will also continue invoking the final nine forms of Goddess Durga, the protector Goddess known for eliminating dark forces.

There is also a Grand Finale on Thursday and Friday in addition to the 9 Nights. The Vedic priests will invoke more fierce Goddesses:

Goddess Chandi

According to scripture, connecting with the ferocious Goddess Chandi can free you from evil eyes, curses, and obstacles, and bless you with long-lasting good health, wealth, and prosperity. We will invoke her on Friday PDT for on Vijaya Dasami, which is the 10th day finale that celebrates the final victory of the Goddess over darkness.

Goddess Pratyangira Devi

According to scripture, connecting with Goddess Pratyangira Devi can destroy dark forces, help get rid of suffering and mental stress and bestow a shield of positivity.



Invoke Saraswati with her Maha Mantra: Om Saraswati Namaha. The mantra invokes Saraswati to increase wisdom, intuition, creativity, and intelligence of all kinds.



Join the Vedic priests for the final three nights of  Fire Labs, and/or the Grand Finale, on Tuesday through Friday IST. You can enjoy the benefits from anywhere in the world, thanks to both proxy (distance) spiritual technology and modern webcast technology.


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