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Powertime: Accomplish the Impossible on Hanuman’s Birthday

Friday, January 4 PST

“Hanuman is still very much alive and trying to help humanity. Each archetype comes alive at a certain period of time. This archetype can do things that are humanly impossible. It is a matter of establishing a relationship with him.”– Dr. Pillai


Hanuman is the supreme devotee of Rama, the Truth & Righteous Action Archetype. He has a monkey’s face. His devotion gives him the powers of omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence, along with many others. Hanuman is a symbol of human potential, and he can give you the power to achieve what you thought was impossible.

Rare Astrological Events & a New Moon

This year, Hanuman Jayanthi (Hanuman’s birthday) occurs during a very rare and auspicious cosmic configuration when the Sun and Moon join Saturn in the sign Sagittarius, the 9th house of fortune.

The exchange of signs between Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) and Mars on this day creates an auspicious Yoga called Parivarthana yoga. This yoga can help you accomplish the impossible and enjoy unexpected profits through your righteous efforts, leading to fortune creation.

The action planet Mars receiving the aspect of expansion planet Jupiter further boosts the energy of the day to accomplish the impossible in life through sudden changes.



Chant Hanuman’s mantra: Om Hanumate Namaha. It’s pronounced ohm hah-noo-MAH-tay NAH-mah-hah. You can use this to access all of his powers and achieve the loftiest goals.



Join Hanuman’s birthday Fire Prayers on Friday, January 4 PST. This a major event of the year, so we have multiple prayer offerings and packages to choose from. When you sponsor these prayer offerings, our priests will invoke Hanuman’s infinite intelligence of omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, and the ability to accomplish the impossible, on your behalf.


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